WhatsApp Messenger for iOS: Now It’s Available for Free!

One more time, iPhone users are very lucky this time. After previously they could receive 50GB online storage from Box for free, now they can get WhatsApp Messenger application for free! Previously, this WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone is sold $1. But now, iPhone user doesn’t have to pay any penny to get it. If you’re one of iPhone user, congratulations! :)

WhatsApp Messenger for iOS: Now It's Available for Free!

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross platform messenger which can be used in various mobile operating system such as iOS (iPhone), Android, Blackberry, Symbian, etc. This is the main benefit of WhatsApp Messenger, it can be used in various kind of cell phone. It’s not provided by BBM (only for BlackBerry), iMessage (only for iOS 5), or OVI messenger.

The free availability of WhatsApp Messenger for iOS possibly influenced by iMessage released by Apple. This iMessage is released along with the latest update of iOS 5 few days ago.

For you who have iPhone and still don’t have WhatsApp Messenger, you can get it for free from iTunes Store.


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