5 Awesome iOS Game Giveaway for July 14th 2011

Start from today, Spyontech would give you daily iOS apps giveaway info. I know that there’re a lot of iOS user out there looking for awesome apps for their device. And I’m trying to collect paid iOS apps that available for free as a giveaway. Most of them are daily or limited time giveaway. Lets start with this 8 Awesome iOS Game Giveaway for today:

1. Dark Nebula – Game

This is my favorite, Dark Nebula is 5 stars game that free for limited time. You have to move your character through the levels while avoiding traps, opening doors, bouncing, sliding, spinning, swerving and not falling off.

Dark Nebula - Game

Download Dark Nebula:



2. The Monster Invasion (Viking Invaders)

This game has a cute monster character. When you playing this game, you should stop the viking monster from invading England again using various ingenious contraptions like trap door, slings, anvil, springs, flame throwers, and even electrocuters. You can compete for highest score woth other online leaderboard. It connected with facebook and twitter so you can tell your friend whenever you reach a new high score and collect all 20 achievements. This is really a must played funny game.

The Monster Invasion (Viking Invaders)

Download The Monster Invasion (Viking Invaders) here:


3. BattleZone 3D King of the Hill – Game

This game is free for limited time. It compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that running on iOS 3.0 or later. I love this game except the ads. BatlleZone is a team based massively multiplayer online action game dedicated to armored warface. When you playing this game, you will get into the epic tank battles of World War II with other steel cowboys all over the world. It has great 3D sound effects, superb photo-realistic 3D graphics and also global ranking. But I really hate the ads. BattleZone 3D King of the Hill is free for a limited time.

BattleZone 3D King of the Hill - Game

Download BattleZone 3D King of the Hill:


4. I Found You – Game

This game free for today only. So you should grab it fast if you want to download this iOS game with no cost. I Found You is a horror game that take a location in abandoned hospital. There’re rumor that once people entered to that abandoned hospital, they never comeback. “KAOURU”, the women who died in the hospital is said to kill the intruder. When you playing this game, you act as psychic reporters that visited the abandoned hospital to uncover the urban legend. I love this game except it’s crash often.

I Found You - Game

Download I Found You:


5. Eternity Warriors

This game actually has similar game play like Gun Bros, Starblitz and Men vs Machines, but it has different themes and has more weapon to choose.

Eternity Warriors - Game

Download Eternity Warriors here:


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