App to Capture the Best Candid Moments Before People Strike a Pose For the Camera

If you have an iOS device, then you could get the best candid moments before everyone strikes a pose for the camera. Using a new free app, GLMPS, you can capture video of your friends, family, or anyone, just a shortly moment before they strike a pose. This app captures 5 seconds of video that precedes the shot.

App to Capture the Best Candid Moments Before People Strike a Pose For the Camera

You can share the captured image on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Foursquare, email, and blog post. And for the candid video, you can upload and share it to YouTube, directly from GLMPS app.

You can download GLMPS for free at iTunes App Store. To use this app, you don’t need to create a new account. You can sign in just with your facebook or twitter account.

Since GLMPS is a new app, there still several issues found in this app. This app sometimes crash, it has low image quality results (the captured photo only has 649×480 resolution or lower), and also heavily compressed and lower resolution captured video. There are also known bugs such as the sound wasn’t played automatically when a popular glimpse starts playing, can’t playback glimpse on iPad. The worst issue is that the glimpses are not saved to the camera roll.

However, I believe that the developer of GLMPS will update this app with various improvements. I love the idea of this app, it makes a pose a little more real!

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