Are You an iPad User? Get Skype for iPad Apps!

Skype for iPad has been released recently. After a faulty launch on Tuesday, now every iPad user can download Skype for iPad apps directly from iTunes App Store. Skype for iPad allows audio calls on the original iPad and face-to-face video calls on the iPad 2.

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iPad 2 users can conduct face-to-face video calls with all devices that have front-facing cameras, such as Android phone users with Skype for Android, iPhone users with Skype for iPhone, Windows mobile phone users with Skype for Windows Phone, or other iPad users with Skype for iPad apps.

Watch this video below to know how’s Skype for iPad actually works:

Skype for iPad has a number of iPad-optimized features, including:

1. Skype for iPad optimized with the large iPad screen. It supports landscape or portrait view.
2. Skype for iPad can be used for two-way video calling. However, it is required iOS version 4 and front facing camera on iPad 2. iPad 1 can only receive the video but can’t send the video.
3. Skype for iPad can be used to send instant message during a video call.
4. Now it is easier to find contacts on Skype for iPad. All contacts displayed in a grid and showing large avatar photos.
5. Skype for iPad has an easy navigation. You can access recent Skype conversation and history with a single button only.
6. Skype for iPad can be used to send SMS easily. Simply open a contact and select “Send SMS” menu, then type your message.

Skype for iPad takes the full advantage of iPad 2’s dual cameras. It allows you to talk face-to-face with iPad’s front camera or switch to the rear camera to show what they can see.

The released of Skype for iPad apps is a great news for all iPad user around the world, especially for iPad 2 users. You can download Skype for iPad apps directly from iTunes Apps Store.

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