CameraSharp: Apps to let You Create Kick Ass Photos with iPhone!

When you take a photo using your iPhone, it sometimes doesn’t give you a satisfying results. Poor lighting, blurry, marred by a shaky hand, slanted horizon and other reasons ussually make you disappointed with the result. CameraSharp apps for iPhone can help you to solve those problems.

CameraSharp: Apps to let You Create Kick Ass Photos with iPhone!

Actually, CameraSharp is not a free apps. You need to pay few of bucks to get it installed on your iPhone. But before June 19th 2011, you can get it for free from iTunes link below:


CameraSharp lets you to take better pictures with your iPhone. These are the features of CameraSharp based on iTunes description:

1 Sound Activated Shutter Technology to allow picture taking completely hands free while still maintaining control of the photo

2 Our Spot Exposure and Focus system gives the photographer the ability of capturing any moment in the highest quality (not supported on older devices like iPhone 3G/3GS)

3 Bubble Level and AntiShake Activated Shutter are core tools that allow you to avoid tilted and frequently blurred photographs otherwise commonly occurring

4 With Tactile Timer, the photographer can easily be in group photos too with the simple twist of your fingers

5 Plus all the features you expect in a camera, like full EXIF, geotagging, digital zoom, front camera support, and more!

So for you who need to get better experience when take photos using your iPhone, Grab this giveaway now. Your chance only 1 day before this giveaway expired. Watch this video below to know how CameraSharp actually works on iPhone:

I hope this information helpful for you :)

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