iOS 5 Direct Download Link for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

iOS 5 is the latest version of mobile operating system by Apple. It has more than 200 new user features! iOS 5 has more than 1,500 new APIs and powerful development tools. In this post, I will give you iOS5 direct download link.

OS 5 Direct Download Link for Your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

There are more than 200 new features on iOS 5. These are only few of them:

1. iCloud storage APIs let apps to store user’s documents and key value data and then push any changes to your computers and devices at the same time automatically.

2. Twitter integration that support URL shortening, attach current location, character count, and hosting photos on twitter.

3. AirPlay let you to streams video, audio and photos to apple TV. You can also mirror everything on your iPad 2 to HDTV via Apple TV. AirPlay on iOS 5 also support encrypted streams delivered via HTTP live streaming.

4. Better multiplayer capabilities on Game Center.

5. It has iMessage. It is a new messaging service that works between all iOS 5 users over Wi-Fi and 3G.

6. It doesn’t need a PC or Mac to remove apps or maintain your data. It because iOS 5 use iCloud storage to store documents and user’s data.

7. It has notification center.

These are the iOS 5 direct download links for your Apple devices:

iOS 5 Direct Download Link for iPod Touch 3G

iOS 5 Direct Download Link for iPod Touch 4G

iOS 5 Direct Download Link for AT&T iPhone 4

iOS 5 Direct Download Link for Verizon iPhone 4

iOS 5 Direct Download Link for iPhone 3G

iOS 5 Direct Download Link for iPad 1

iOS 5 Direct Download Link for iPad 2


Before you download iOS 5 from iOS 5 direct download links above, make sure you have a stable and fast internet connection. Each of iOS 5 file has about 700 MB in size.

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  • Fita

    It doesnt work!!!!

  • Ssardy

    downloaded but nothing happened.  
    why not?

  • Alihussainy

    i download it but it is an error 1604 please answer.
    where is the problem if any body know please answer.

    • random

      you done MESSED UP lol

  • Thujeyngetup

    i did it…in the beginning i got the error 3002…..buh finally i did can try it by downloadin i tunes 10.5 then  Hold down “Shift” key and Click on “Restore” button iTunes. (For MAC hold “ALT/OPTION” key) and Then Browse on the iOS 5 IPSW file you had downloaded earlier which will start the restore process…
    …it worked on mine…hope it will work on your too guys…
    *most of the websites suggests us to hold down shift and click on update buh for this process or to update the ios 5 downloaded from this particular website i think we have to hold down shift and restore…instead of update…may be m wrong buh it worked on mine in this way so…wish u a luck guys..

  • Thamen


  • Thamen

    how do u load OS 5 to ipad once u dowload

    • Laserjordan

      I believe that you drag it to your ipad after plugging it in to itunes.?

  • Thujeyngetup

    On Ipad i have no idea as i have no Ipad…buh i think its the same it needs itunes to transfer/sync music,photos…right? so after u downloaded the ios 5 then…plug your ipod/iphone/ipad to ya mac/pc…and when detects it…then you have to hold shift button and and click on restore bottom instead of update and browse the downloaded ios 5…its done…hope it’ll work on ipad too…..:)

  • u have given a link of iphone 3g for ios 5 it is right or fake..??

    • random


  • LozzieBear

    Why does it say that Safari can’t download this file when I try to go to the ‘direct link’ for iPod touch 4g? Please help!

  • hello

    it says it isnt compatible, what do i do now?

  • random

    i would like a more detailed response to how to put the iOS 5 download on my iPod…

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