Now You Can Watch ITV Programs on iPhone, iPad and iPod

Independent Television or popularly called as ITV is a major public service network of British commercial television. It’s provide a lot of programs like news, regional news, sports, children’s programming, etc. For more information about ITV you can take a look at Wikipedia Page about ITV. If you have iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, now you can watch your favorite ITV programs directly on your iOS device with ITV Player.

Now You Can Watch ITV Programs on iPhone, iPad and iPod

ITV Player is the first iOS app that lets you to watch ITV programs on your iOS device. You can watch ITV programs up to 7 days after broadcast. Actually, ITV player especially created for iPhone and iPad. But I’ve tested it on my iPod touch 3rd gen and it works great without any problem.

To watch ITV programs, you need a WiFi Connection. It will catch up on programs from ITV1, ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4. All this programs can be downloaded for free with unlimited usage. ITV player allow you to browse recommended programs, search programs by channel or alphabetically, and navigate using portrait or landscape orientation. You can download ITV Player for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch from this iTunes link below:


To use ITV Player, there are several requirements such as:

1. Your device should run at minimum iOS 4.3.
2. You need connected to WiFi connection.
3. You must be in UK to view all programs.
4. If you’re iPod touch user, it’s only works for iPod touch 3 Gen.

Hidden Tips:

People in some regions will be restricted to only viewing ITV2, ITV3 and ITV4 programs. To unlock restricted programs, simply use post code rather than using GPS to determine where area you are in. For example, if you live in Scotland or Northern won’t get ITV1 programs. To unlock it, simply googling “Buckingham Palace post code” or etc and used that at ITV Player setting to determine where you’re live in. Simple right?

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There are also an alternative way for you to enjoy ITV programs without ITV Player. You can use TVCatchup, a free of charge services that lets you to watch live UK television on your Computer, iPhone or Games Console.

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  • Lyndzi

    It should work with the 4th gen iPod..

  • Stace83

    I live in a place called Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh in Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. I am not able to use the itv player for ITV1, it is telling me that ITV player is not available in my area. Anyone know why this is?


      And sorry this is for iPad 3

      • Rita

        I couldn’t get itv on my iPad, either, tried & tried, suddenly, on the form u sign in to, with all your details, it said not now, on the bottom right hand side, so eventually with trepidation I tapped on not know, & it all came back on.

  • Mollycat

    If you put in English post code and don’t use GPS (as per a comment left on HDUK , they used Buckingham palace! )it seems it will work. I live in Scotland but was recently in England and got Itv( took as my location) been home for 3 wks and still getting itv(so far!)

  • Lisa

    i cant seem to use itv player when i leave my house on my phone,,,why would be this be?

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