See How Easily Turning Your iPad into a Digital Paper Note Book Using This Apps! (Limited Giveaway)

Long time ago, paper note book was became very popular to write some notes in fast and easy way. Now even there’re several kind of tablets, they can’t be easy as paper note book when used to write handwriting notes. For me, writing on paper note book is far faster and easier than typing on my iPad. If you feel the same, today I’m going to show you the easy way turning your iPad into a digital paper note book using Bamboo Paper apps. Actually, this is not a free app but as a giveaway, you can download and install it for free before June 30th, 2011.

See How Easily Turning Your iPad into a Digital Paper Note Book Using This Apps

See How Easily Turning Your iPad into a Digital Paper Note Book Using This Apps

Bamboo Paper app for ipad is an apps developed by Wacom that could turn your iPad into virtual digital paper note book. It lets you to write your ideas visually with handwritten notes, sketches or doodles. You can use this app to make you easier and faster when writing on your iPad. Sometimes (and ussually for me), writing is far easier than typing.

Who need this apps?

I think everybody need this apps. Turn your iPad into paperless communication tool is cool. you can use it at:

1. School : for students who need to map out match and science equations, compose music, create arts and crafts projects, write non-western language characters (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic characters etc).

2. Work : Whenever you need communicate with charts and graphs, collaborate during brainstorming sessions and even sketch a design while on the go. You even can connect your iPad to projector and share your sketches or ideas to others when meetings.

3. Home : parents who want entertain kids with coloring and drawing activities, jot down grocery list, etc.

Whatever activities you do with paper note book, now you could do with your iPad and Bamboo apps.

This apps work perfectly if you paired your iPad with Bamboo Stylus. Paired with Bamboo stylus will make your ipad into a fully kick-ass paperless communication tool. You can buy bamboo stylus from this link below:

Anyway, you can download Bamboo Paper app even you don’t have bamboo stylus yet. It still could be use even without bamboo stylus. Please note that Bamboo Paper apps is free for a limited time only. You should grab it now if you don’t want to late. It become a paid apps after 30th June, 2011. Simply download Bamboo Paper apps with no cost from iTunes link below:


There is also another iPad apps like this, you can check my previous post about SketchBook apps for iPad. It has similiar function like Bamboo Paper apps.

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