Tired Reading Text on Website? Just Listen it with SpeakText for Web!

If you feel tired when reading long news or long articles on a website, why don’t you just listen it while enjoying a cup of coffee? Sounds good, right? If you have iPhone or iPad, you can use SpeakText for Web apps which you can download for free today as a giveaway!

Tired Reading Text on Website? Just Listen it with SpeakText for Web

SpeakText for Web is an application for iPhone and iPad which allow you to read and translate web pages (formerly name: SpeakWeb). It can translate to more than 50 languages and be able to read more than 30 languages.

You can read magazines, newspapers, articles, or any web pages you want in any languages you want. I think it a must have app to read and translate web pages on your iOS device.

SpeakText for Web has several features such as:

1. Translate webpages to more than 50 languages.
2. Support to read webpages in more than 30 languages.
3. It will highlight words while reading and translating.
4. You can set a home page and bookmarks your favorite web pages.
5. You can record translated result.
6. It can translate a whole web page easily with only single click “translate page” button
7. You can simply touch web pages then read & translate. No need to type any text or copy and paste.
8. You can read and translate any text from mail, other apps, etc by copy it or type it on SpeakText for Web form.

My Review for SpeakText for Web:

Actually, SpeakText for Web is a small part of SpeakText for Me apps. Different with SpeakText for Me which could read web pages, office, ebook, etc, SpeedText for Web only could read and translate web pages.

The good of SpeakText for Web:

you don’t have to copy, paste, or type web pages text. Simply touch and block text and SpeakText for Web will read and translate those text. It’s simple and easy.

The bad of SpeakText for Web:

this apps require internet connection while reading and translating because it use Google Translate as its based engine. It also has sponsored ads but I think it’s not disturbing at all.

Today you can grab SpeakText for Web apps for free. Download it as fast as possible before this apps doesn’t free anymore:



For you who want to know how SpeakText for Web apps works. Just take a look at these videos:

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