Lookout Mobile Security : A Must Have Security Apps for Your Smartphone!

Now it’s look like that every person have a smartphone! Android, Blackberry and Windows mobile phone was found everywhere. It seems that smartphone become popular today and become a vital device to work everyday. Therefore there are a lot of security attack tried to infect your phone to steal your privacy and important data that might be saved on your smartphone. But you don’t have to be worried since there are several mobile security you could use even with no paying anything! If you don’t have mobile security yet, Lookout Mobile Security is one of a must have security apps for your android, blackberry or windows mobile phone.

Lookout Mobile Security will protect your smartphone from viruses, malware, and spyware. It will keep your private data safe. It also has the ability to backup and restore your data and help you to find your stolen device. Lookout Mobile Security is one of the best security apps for smartphone that support android, blackberry and windows mobile phone.

Lookout Mobile Security : A Must Have Security Apps for Your Smartphone!

There are two versions of Lookout Mobile Security, free version and premium version. The free version is quite good to protect your smartphone. But of course if you want advanced protection, premium will always be the best choice for you. These are the different between Lookout Mobile Security free and Lookout Mobile Security premium:

Lookout Mobile Security Free vs Premium

To get Lookout Mobile Security free version, you could download it here:



For Android user, you can directly go to this android market page to install Lookout Mobile Security


If you don’t have any security apps installed on your smartphone yet, I suggest you to install Lookout Mobile Security before there are any security attacks doing something bad to you. It doesn’t matter you install the free or premium version, it based on your needs. For me..it’s enough to install the Lookout Mobile Security free version only. I hope this information helpful for you! :)


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