Making a Free Call by Viber Application

For you who want to call someone free using your cell phone, there’s an application you can use. Viber, a free application for Android or iPhone which can be used for free calling to Viber users. Not just free calling, Viber can also be used to do free text messaging!

Surely what we meant free here is: not reducing your regular credit, but you just have to use internet connection which always be used by Android and iPhone user. It can be said that this application is an application for free calling through internet.


After you and your friend installing Viber, you can start text messaging or calling for free as long as you want to. Phone and text message you did wouldn’t reduce your regular credit.

Viber is really suitable for iPhone or Android user who subscribes unlimited internet access. Some benefits you can find from Viber application are:

1. Free calling and text messaging whether local or international without reducing regular credit.
2. Viber doesn’t need to register, username, or password. Viber directly detect all numbers in your contact, and if there’s Viber installed in their cell phone, you can directly free text messaging or calling to the number
3. In addition of 3G, Viber can also be used with WiFi connection
4. sound quality produced by Viber is clearer than regular calling

Note : Viber is better to be used when you subscribe free unlimited internet service for your Android or iPhone.

Download Viber application for Android (free)
Download Viber application for iPhone (free)

For BlackBerry user, please be patient since Viber in BlackBerry version is still in development.

Now you can do free text messaging and calling by Viber Application. Don’t forget to “Like”, “Tweet”, or “Plus One” this article if it’s useful for you. Enjoy free text messaging and calling!

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