Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 has been released, what Differ Them?

Opera, one of the popular browser vendor among mobile device user has released their latest browser mobile version, that is Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11. This free browser certainly would be new queen in mobile, smartphone, or tablet user groups. In this posting, I would focus on feature and difference between Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11. Get curious? Just continue to read this article!

Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 has been released

Actually, the function of both Opera Mobile browser are similar, as browser made you easier to do browsing on internet through your mobile device. Even there is a feature on both Opera browser mobile version also same. The difference only on these some spots:

1. Opera Mini 6 bisa diinstall di hampir semua jenis mobile phone yang mendukung java, android, Symbian/S60, Blackberry, iPhone, maupun Windows mobile. Sedangkan Opera Mobile 11 ONLY able to be used at smartphone which using Android, Symbian/S60, Windows Mobile, Maemo and Meego operating system.

2. Opera Mini 6 in default used Opera Compression Technology feature which would compress data before display on your mobile phone so that web you visited would appear faster and you will avoid cost waste. While Opera Mobile 11, focuses on quality and doesn’t use compression technology so that web access become longer and spend so many bandwidth but has almost perfect display.

3. Opera Mini 6 is so fit to be used when you used per kb rate, while Opera Mobile 11 is fit to be used when you use unlimited internet package or do browsing with Wi-Fi.

4. Opera Mini 6 uses rendering in Opera server while Opera Mobile 11 uses rendering in your mobile phone’s internal hardware. It caused browsing process safer and more private.

5. Opera Mini 6 doesn’t support HTML5 while Opera Mobile 11 is able to access site with HTML5 technology

6. For you who used Android, Opera Mobile 11 has already supported Adobe Flash while Opera Mini 6 has not.

7. in its interface user, Opera Mini 6 is only supported 40 languages while Opera Mobile 11 supported 96 languages.

8. File size in Opera Mini 6 is only 933kb (almost 1MB) while file size in Opera Mobile 11 is 6874kb (almost 7MB)

9. In quality, result and appearance, Opera Mobile 11 far more competence above Opera Mini 6. Website browsing by Opera Mobile 11 made you possible to do zooming without ruined the display (text, figure, photo, etc) while existing website opened with Opera Mini 6 if it is zoomed, it will be broken. Zooming option on Opera Mobile 11 is also more flexible than Opera Mini 6.


Which Opera Mobile browser version is proper for you?

If you confuse in deciding which Opera Mobile browser fit for your mobile phone, I’ll help you make a decision on it!

1. If you used Unlimited internet package or browsing from WiFi, use Opera Mobile 11!

2. When you use per kb rate package: use Opera Mini 6!

3. If you want to use internet fast and cheap without paying attention to its display quality: Use Opera Mini 6!

4. If memory in your mobile phone is small: Use Opera Mini 6 since Opera Mobile 11 is heavier than Opera Mini 6!

5. If you tend to expect higher privacy and security: Use Opera Mobile 11 since rendering also happened in private at your Mobile device!

To download Opera Mini 6 or Opera Mobile 11, you may visit this site directly from your Mobile Phone internal browser:


You could also download Opera Mini 6 or Opera Mobile 11 through your PC in this link:



Have you decide which one between Opera Mini 6 or Opera Mobile 11 you will use in your mobile phone? I hope this tips worth for you!

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