OS Firefox is Ready To Be Tested in Your Computer

Just as stated recently, Mozilla tried to compete iOS and Android by launching their own OS. Mozilla is popularly known as one of the most popular browser’s producer in the world. That’s why it’s interesting to watch Mozilla steps in their OS project also effort to compete iOS and Android. OS from Mozilla is called as Boot To Gecko, and now can be tried in your computer for you who wanted to feel a smartphone with Firefox ‘taste’

If you use Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux you can directly headed into Mozilla FTP website to download nightly builds version from this OS Firefox. It’s a kind of pre-beta version for the OS. So, don’t expect a ready-to-use product, even you might find many bug and crash. But for you who love to play with program, it would be fun. Even you can contribute a feedback to complete this OS. Remember if this Firefox OS will be put into mobile, so you won’t get the feel if it is used in traditional computer which doesn’t have touch screen.

OS Firefox is ready to be tested in your computer

For Linux version, Mozilla already provided source tars which can be processed by yourself; while for Windows and Mac OS, it has been packaged in executable file. Although Windows and Mac OS X version has a neat package, you still to configure things you should be done to get OS Firefox, but it’s not a difficult thing; instruction to do Firefox OS setup in Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux can be found in Mozilla’s Gaia/Hacking page or Mozilla B2G hacking Page

You can download Firefox nightly builds from this link

Firefox OS nightly build FTP repository


Direct download – Windows installer v17.0a1


Direct download – Mac OS X installer v17.0a1


Direct download – Linux v17.0a1


What are your comment about this Mozilla great step? If you have tried it, shared your experience in this comment column.


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