Track, Measure and Improve your Fitness with Free RunKeeper App for iPhone and Android (Giveaway)

Looking for an app to track, measure, and improve your fitness?? Runkeeper App Pro now available for FREE! Whether your gadget is iPhone or android, you can download Runkeeper pro App for free in limited time. Normally, this app sold for about $10 per single license, but after I spied on it, I’ve found the way how to download RunKeeper App both for your Android or iPhone.

With RunKeeper, you can safe your budgets by not buying expensive GPS watch and replace it only with your iPhone or Android device. It uses the GPS technology that found in iPhone or Android to track your fitness activity. You can also enter your activities manually such as treadmill runs, jogging, etc.

Track, Measure and Improve your Fitness with Free RunKeeper App

Track, Measure and Improve your Fitness with Free RunKeeper App

Using Runkeeper app instead of expensive GPS watch will safe your money on your pocket without losing the fitness track and measurement quality. Runkeeper App allows you to track how far you went, how long it took, what your pace/speed was, how many calories you burned, and even you can track the patch you traveled on a map.

After your activities completed, you can synced your activities data to RunKeeper website. You can view your data history, and cumulative totals of your vital stats, then you can share your progress with your friends on Facebook and twitter. You can also create a profile page that allows your friends view your public activities.

What are the benefits if you install RunKeeper Pro App in your iPhone or Android phone?

1. Activity tracking.
RunKeeper Pro app offers an accurate activity tracking using iPhone’s or Android’s internal GPS. Giving you comparable results with an expensive GPS watch at a fraction of the cost. You can track your path on a map, how far you went, how long it took, and how many calories you burned.

2. Personal Dashboard on RunKeeper Website.
You can store and access all historical activities on RunKeeper Website. Those data automatically synced with your iPhone or Android phone. You can access and monitor your progress anywhere!

3. Activity sharing with your friends using Facebook and twitter.

4. Map integration that allows you to know the path and the route you traveled on a map.

5. Integrated with iPod so you can listening musics during your activity.

6. Audio cues feature that allows you to know the time based or distance based update through your headset.

7. With Interval Workouts feature you can create a workout built from intervals of time and distance. The audio cues will coach you every step of the way!

8. You can set your target pave and audio cues will coach you through your headset, whether you are ahead or behind your pace.

9. Geo tagged photos make you can take photos without having to stop your activity.

10. You can enter your activities manually if you want to runs done on a treadmill or without your iPhone/Android phone.

12. It has a built in split times app.

The shortcoming of RunKeeper app is it will make your iPhone/Android battery decrease dramatically.

Normally, RunKeeper App sold for $10, but as a giveaway. You can download it for free in a limited time. To grab RunKeeper App for free, simply visit this link below:

RunKeeper App for iPhone :


You can also download and install RunKeeper App directly from your iPhone by open up the “App Store” on your iPhone then search “RunKeeper”. After you found it, simply download, install and enjoy it.

RunKeeper App for Android:

To download RunKeeper App for Android, open up android “App Market” with your device, search “RunKeeper”. Then download, install and enjoy it.

Please note that this app is free for a limited time, grab it as fast as you can. With RunKeeper App, you can easily track, measure and improve your fitness for free!

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