Use WhatsApp Messenger to Send and Receive Message (SMS) for Free!

Do you want to send and receive message, pictures, audio notes and video messages at no cost? WhatsApp Messenger can do it for you! WhatsApp Messenger is a cross platform messenger that works on various types of phone such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Nokia Phones. It’s different with other messengers that required you to log in/out, add usernames, pins, etc. WhatsApps Messenger works with your phone number, just like SMS would.

WhatsApp Messenger only uses your internet connection such as 3G/EDGE or Wifi to send and receive messages. This not be a problem since iPhone, Android, nokia and Blackberry owner usually subscribed to internet connection services. As long as your mobile connected to internet services, you can send and receive messages, pictures, audio notes and video messages for need to pay standard SMS cost.

WhatsApp Messenger to Send and Receive Messages for Free

WhatsApp Messenger to Send and Receive Messages for Free

WhatsApp Messenger really different with other messengers because it works with phone number You don’t need to log in/out, add friends username, add friends PIN, etc. It’s integrated with your contacts. once you and your friend download this app, you can send millions of messages, images, videos, voice notes for free.

WhatsApp Messenger also supports offline message. It means when you out of internet connection, WhatsApp Messenger will save all of the messages, and you can read later when you’re on internet connection again.

It also has additional features such as share your locations, exchange contacts, broadcast messages and MMS to many contact at once, etc.

WhatsApp Messenger can be installed on iPhone, Android, Nokia and Blackberry. For Nokia and Android owner, this is a good news for you..i’ve spied on WhatsApp Messenger and found that you can download and install WhatsApp Messenger for free. You can use it freely for 1 Year services.

To get your WhatsApp Messenger now, you can visit this link below:

WhatsApp Messenger For Nokia Phone (Free for 1 year usage!)


WhatsApp Messenger For Android (Free for 1 year usage!)

After WhatsApp Messenger installed on your phone, you can send and receive messages, images, videos, voice notes, etc as much as you want with no cost.

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  1. agnes says:

    i want to upload whatsapp messenger to send and ricieve message sms..for free!

  2. Gugulethu says:

    So do i, but my cell fone (nokia C3) wont accept it, dont know why?…need help

  3. Irah says:

    Txt me up

  4. Sharavan Agc says:

    how can i download for my black berry curve 8520

  5. Arlettejr says:

    i would like to download what’s app to stay in touch with my friends

  6. Louisa Filander says:

    Please sign me up for WhatsApp Messenger on my Htc Dream
    Thank you

  7. Oladunnishonibare says:

    pls i need down load for nokia x2-1

  8. Delford says:

    R. Musa

    How do i activate whatsapp on my phone Nokia 2690

  9. freddy says:

    hi im using nokia 2680s cant accept it

  10. Afiya Angel654 says:

    hi want to download it for my n8

  11. Afiya Angel654 says:

    hi want to download it for my n8

  12. Jonah23 says:

    hi i would like to hve more friends hr…

  13. Jonah23 says:

    hi i would like to hve more friends hr…

  14. Jonah23 says:

    hi i would like to hve more friends hr…

  15. Beauty says:

    hi im addicted to whatsapp

  16. Jal_bit says:

    Im on now taken so long lol

  17. Nozipho Damman says:

    Just want to chat with friends

  18. mni2 says:

    how does this work

  19. Malesedi Rebecca Bila says:

    how do i activate whatsapp, my phone Nokia C1 and Nokia 5230 wont accept

  20. Itumeleng george chiloane says:

    how do i open whats up

  21. Ppadmaru says:

    can i use this app on nokia 2690

  22. rommel matining says:

    how to use whatapp in nokia x6… thanks

  23. Deosdedithc says:

    It is cool

  24. Deosdedith Chale says:

    Please may i use this app on my nokia E0434

  25. Bonganitso says:

    hi how do i download whatsapo for my samsung galaxy

  26. Nomvulamanquthumzangwe says:

    Hi i’m Nomvula how do i use whatapp in nokia expressmusic

  27. Seswamapula says:

    whats up makes it all for me, with it u say bye bye to spending more on mms, sms and phoning

  28. Bilarebecca says:

    how do i activate whatsapp on nokia C6

  29. Mbingelelia says:

    hi want to download whatsap on my nokia e5 plz help

  30. Tshepo John says:

    i want to have an access of whatsap on my computer

  31. Nonhlanhla Tsabedze Hlophe says:

    how do i activate whatsup

  32. R I Mothapo says:

    hi,im using nokia n9 but when im doanloading whattsap is failing

  33. Tinytotstkzn says:

    i want to download whats up on my c3 but i cant 

  34. Priyanka says:

    I have downloaded what’s up for Nokia x2 bt it is showing server not connected

  35. Chivi says:

    I long to join n enjoy dis chart netwk bt, i dot even no how to download it on my Nokia C3. Pls help me with d steps

  36. Thina says:

    Who to download whatsapp on motorola mb526?

  37. Hassan sima says:

    assalam alaykum IMAN BINT OMAR

  38. how can i create whats app account in n5230?

  39. britas says:

    hw do i use watsapp on samsung j750

  40. britas says:

    i wud also lykk hw to comunicate wit ma friends using a fon.

  41. snehal rahate says:

    i want to download whatsap on my samsung 3650

    plz help

  42. arya pandya says:


  43. arya pandya says:

    what sup my frnds????????????

  44. arya pandya says:

    gud nun

  45. arya says:


  46. zoher says:

    how do i activate whatsup on my npkia E51.can use it thru my computer pc

  47. Pratik sukhadiya says:

    Why my phone number 8866700501 not open whats up ?

  48. trun garg how r u and he is show it my call in my status in befor some time you are come the chet me and give the msg all show it

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  50. lovejeet singh says:

    koi hai ke mahare bhi problem solve karne walo

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  52. bailey boo says:

    do i need blackberry messenger to get whatsapp?

  53. Madiba says:

    Greetings to everyone on board

  54. Rasual Lee says:

    Great with the WhatsApp!

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  58. karanja antony says:

    how can i upload whats app for my computer is it possible pliz advice to the best of u knowledge..

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    malik usman

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