Are You Windows Mobile User? Get Pocket Informant 9 for Free!

For Windows mobile user, you can download and install Pocket Informant 9 for free! Actually, Pocket Informant 9 for windows mobile is going freeware since january 2011 ago. But there are several windows mobile users missed it. And today, for any windows mobile users who missed to download Pocket Informant 9, you can download it from these links below:

Are You Windows Mobile User? Get Pocket Informant 9 for Free

Pocket Informant 9 Download link:


Journal sync download link:

After you download and install it, activate using this legal license code below:

Pocket Informant 9 license for touchscreen Windows Mobile phone:


Pocket Informant 9 license for Windows Mobile smart phone (No touchscreen)


Journal Sync License:


Pocket Informant 9 is one of the best Personal Information Manager for windows mobile. You can read its complete features from this link below:

Even in my personal opinion Pocket Informant 9 for windows mobile is rather old application, but it still has many advantages to used. Now Webis, the developer of Pocket Informant, seems only focus to develop Pocket Informant for Blackberry, Android and iPhone/iPod Touch. They ending their support for Windows Mobile user. I think that’s normal because those three platforms is the most popular gadget platform today.


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