3D Vision 2: 3D Glasses Second Generation of NVIDIA Has Been Released!

This is hilarious news for 3D glasses lover. NVIDIA today introduces the latest generation of their 3D glasses. 3D Glasses which has entered to the second generation named 3D Vision 2. NVIDIA promised some change and maintenance in their glasses. What are they? Read this article!

3D Vision 2: 3D Glasses Second Generation of NVIDIA Has Been Released!

This NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 has bigger lens than its generation glasses. 3D Vision 2 lens is 20 percent larger than its first generation. By bigger lens, NVIDIA claimed that this glasses is able to present wider picture area.

This NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 uses soft material. It caused the Glasses’s weight decreased than the first generation. It surely made this Glasses’s comfort level improved.

This NVIDIA 3D Vision 2 uses active-shutter feature. To receive 3D signal, this Glasses is equipped with IR wireless device.

In addition of glasses side, NVIDIA also renew their screen technology. Now, 3D monitor developed by NVIDIA would be equipped with LightBoost technology. By using the technology, you would enjoy 3D content twice brighter than before. Besides, monitor screen equipped by this technology would be able to reduce ghosting effect (shadow).

At the same time with 3D Vision 2 glasses launch, NVIDIA also declared what products which already used the latest 3D technology. The products are Toshiba Qosmio X770 /775, Toshiba Satellite P770 /P775 (all four series are notebook product) and ASUS VG278H (27 inches monitor supported resolution).

This 3D Vision 2 glasses is marketed USD99 price (glasses only) and USD149 (kit). Do you have interest to buy this second generation of 3D glasses?

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