Keyboard Case for iPad 2 has been released by Logitech!

Logitech, one of the most leading computer accessories company has released its first Keyboard case for iPad 2: Logitech Keyboard Case!

Logitech Keyboard Case which sold $100 specifically moved by iPad 2. in making this Logitech Keyboard Case, Logitech cooperated with Zagg, one of the company which has cooperated with Logitech when making Zaggmate (Keyboard case for first generation iPad).

Keyboard Case for iPad 2 has been released by Logitech!

This Logitech Keyboard Case made from aluminium and had double function, that is as wireless keyboardd and also good stand in reaching position whether it is landscape or portrait.

The unique thing is, when you didn’t wear this Logitech Keyboard Case it can also use as case from iPad 2. its material made by alminium will protect your iPad 2 from shake, shock, and scratch. This Logitech Keyboard Case marketed directly in this April. For you who owed iPad 2, don’t miss to buy this Logitech Keyboard Case.

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