Tips to Keep Smartphone Battery Last Longer

Several time ago, SOT has given you tips about how to keep laptop battery last longer. This time we turn into smartphone. This device, whether using Android, BB, Symbian, or iOS OS, shall be kept well to ‘accompany’ us to the next few years. If you fell in love already to your selected smartphone so SOT doesn’t want other device to replace it.

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

Here is tips from SOT for you to keep your smartphone battery durability. In addition of last longer, it will also distribute power well into your favorite smartphone.


1. Keep your smartphone away from direct sun.

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

One of the most important tips to keep your battery durability is now considering to avoid your smartphone from direct sun bathing or avoid leaving it in hot dashboard at your car. Our environment probably not just thinking. Hot environment wouldn’t cause lack of battery, but also shorten his operating system.


2. Install the latest Operating system (OS)

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

Your smartphone OS, whether from iOS, Android, RIM or Windows Phone is one of the major key of battery performance. If your cell phone run old-version which contained so many bugs, it will cause the battery dried quickly, even if it is not used. So, SOT expect that you should always update the latest OS version in your smartphone to avoid bugs.


3. Decrease Brightness on screen

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

It makes sense if battery durability can be added by decreasing your screen brightness. Depend on the lighting condition, if the brightness is set too low or too high, it will hurt your eye. The best way is turn Auto-Brightness feature on which would be useful to change lighting as environment, where your eyes would be comfortable seeing your smartphone screen display.


4. Using Ringtone, than vibration

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

Except you’re in Cinema, library, or other quiet place, it would be better to use Ringtone as message notification or call. It because vibration will consume more battery power than ringtone.


5. Disable Apps Notification

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

Other effective way to defend battery durability is turning off apps notification. Application like instant messaging (IM) really depend on instant notification which would make your battery heated quickly. To save battery durability, visit “Notification Center” to turn various notification from various application run in background.


6. Turn “Push New Data” feature off

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

If you don’t need to check your email regularly from account like Gmail, Yahoo! Or Hotmail, it would be better for you to disable Push feature to save battery. If Push feature has been turned off, then all of your messages will be received in “Fetch New Data” part depend on how often you check the mail. Commonly it needs only a short time, just 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour, or probably more.


7. Set “Fetch New Data” manually or more often

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

Just like Push feature, “Fetch New Data” becomes one main reason why is your battery run out of energy fast. Your email and application account probably synchronizing on continuous incoming data every 15 minutes into your smartphone account. To save your battery power, suit it now or probably you ned to change the setting so that data synchronization can be done manually as you wish.


8. Turn “Location Services” Feature off

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

Location Services is another feature which can influence your smartphone performance. Map and compass are some applications which can be used actively. If you use those applications not so often, then turn “Location Services” off to increase your battery durability.


9. Turn 3G/4G, WiFi and Bluetooth networks if they aren’t used

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

One of the best way to save battery is turning 3G/4G, Bluetooth, and WiFi connection off when SOT no longer need them. If the signal acceptance is bad and connection is active, then your battery would dry quickly. It because the smartphone keep trying to search good connection and it really waste power!


10. Close Apps You Don’t Use

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

Some people love to open so many apps in the same time and never close them. It is a bad habit because apps which are running in background will cause battery which support the applications drying up!


11. Auto Lock your Smartphone!

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

It would be better to do auto-lock, so that if your cell phone is not used, it would be stand by automatically. You can manage the intervals (a minute, two minutes, five minutes)


12. Turn Airplane Mode on in Zero-Signal Region

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

It would be better to enter into Airplane mode if you don’t get any signal because your smartphone will keep trying to connect with cellular operator network and it surely takes a lot of battery power!


13. Charge battery regularly

Tips to keep Smartphone battery last longer

Most of smartphone uses Lithium-ion type battery which can be easily recharged. To extend your battery life, you need to do charging regularly, whatever your battery type. It means, you should state certain time, for example morning, to do charging, even if your battery is still not drying up. It will help electron inside your Lithium-ion battery moves around to support your battery’s health.


Those are tips to keep your smartphone battery last longer. However, the device which has supported our performance deserve to get certain respect, which is by maintaining it well. Maintaining your battery is one of the effort to do it, and this effort will assure your performance kept well since you have smartphone device which is maintained well and always ready to use.

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