Wanna buy Chromebook? Read this before you buy!

Chromebook, A chrome OS based laptops will be released next month. The first generation of chromebook is from Samsung and Acer. Unlike notebook or netbook, chromebook will take the advantage of cloud and internet as much as possible. Of course they will be thinner in storage but faster in boot up. Before you decide to buy chromebook, let’s take a closer look!

Wanna buy Chromebook? Read this before you buy!

Chromebook focus on speed

Chromebook designed to be lean and quick. That’s why it has thinner storage and take the advantages of the cloud as much as possible. It will make boot up process faster. The first Chromebook from samsung and acer will contain dual-core intel atom processor to ensure it has the fastest speed on boot up. Google said that it only need 8 seconds to boot up and could wake up from sleep instantly. What a speed!

Chromebook designed for high mobility person.

Chromebooks is suitable for you who have a lot of mobile activity. It use cloud based server to save your apps, documents and setting. So you can use any chromebook and log in then you could get right back to work..even when you lose your computer!

Chromebook REQUIRED internet connection to take it full advantages.

Without internet connection, I think chromebook is damn useless! It because chromebook store anything to cloud based server. It always connected with 3G or Wi-Fi anytime. Chromebook also automatically updated when you turn it on. And of course it need internet connectivity.

Chromebook designed only to work or study

With all of its features such as cloud based storage, require constant internet connectivity, etc..you will find that chromebook is designed especially to work or study. Of course it has limited functionality if you are a gamer and looking for a game experience.

My advice, If you are a students, employees or anyone who need a fast and light super portable laptop to get to work, then chromebook is suitable for you. But if you are a gamer, or any people which have not adequate internet connection, I suggest you to buy notebook or netbook instead of Chromebook.


Chris Febian is the founder of spyontech.com. He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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  1. Jon says:

    Possibly the worst grammar in anything claiming to be a ‘review’ I have ever read. If Chris Febian spends so much time writing reviews, you would have thought he would have actually learned to write!!

  2. Mark Lechman says:

    Also, if you want to run any specialty software, like that one app your office uses that no one else does, you’re out of luck. And forget running Adobe CS. Anyway, doesn’t anyone running OSX, Windows or Linux with an internet connection and Chrome already have a “Chromebook?”

  3. Efjay Dee says:

    Damn, what’s with the grammar? Absolutely awful. But the main point, that the Chromebook is friggin useless without a network connection is so true. I’ve been testing Chrome OS and it’s only for people who ONLY use a web browser 100% of the time, not for most people in the real world. It has no real apps, just webpages which it calls apps. I’ll stick with PC’s thanks, they can be cheaper than Chromebooks and run everything INCLUDING the Chrome browser.

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