2 Ways to hide folder fast and secure

Everyone surely has secret, including computer users. If you have folders who you don’t want it to be accessed by someone else, here I give you two tips to hide folder fast and secure. All ways to hide folder below can be done for free! Without wasting time, let’s we discuss it one by one:

1. How to hide folder by WinMend Folder Hidden

From various free software to hide folder, I select WinMend Folder Hidden because of its speed, easiness and security. WinMend Folder Hidden can be used to hide folder very fast, no matter how many files and folder sizes. Besides, WinMend Folder Hidden can be used to hide folder in Flash disk or other external storage

Download WinMend Folder Hidden [2.15 MB]
WinMend Folder Hidden Homepage

First time you run it, WinMend Folder Hidden will ask you to fill password in.


After that, you can directly select folder or file you wan to be hidden. Click on Hide Folder to select folder.


Folder you’ve selected will be hidden instantly! To display it again, select the folder and click on ‘Unhide’.


Easy and fast, isn’t it? This is my favorite way to hide folder.

2. How to manipulate folder into picture

This is a bit rare to be used, but it’s quite effective to deceive person who has hobby to watch our secret folder. The way it works is by hiding folder behind a picture. The person would see the picture file as common picture file. Whereas, it’s a folder we hide. To do it, it needs a free software, which is Hide Behind Image

Download Hide Behind Image

PS: some antivirus consider this application as virus. Don’t worry because it’s a false positive. I guarantee that Hide Behind Image 100% free from virus.

To use it, you just have to install Hide Behind Image and then run it (make sure you run it in Run as Administrator command)


Make user you have compress the folder you want to hide first. Compress it by winzip or winrar so it will turn into .zip format.

Click on “Select File” beside “Select Output File” menu, then name the output file as the you wanted.


Click on “Select File” beside “Select Image File” menu, then click on picture you want as cover to manipulate


Click on “Select File” beside “Select the Compressed File” menu, then select on .zip file from folder you want to be hidden.


Click on “Hide” and your folder will be hidden behind a picture.


Just watch, in your eyes, the file will be seen like a common picture. Even if you double click on it, it will be seen as general picture, but it’s actually .zip file from folder you have hidden.


To access the original file, you can open it using WinZip or WinRar. Just right-click on => Open With => WinZip / Winrar. You can also extract the file using both software.



The way to hide folder by Hide Behind Image can be used to exchange file secretly with your friend. As if you only give him picture file, whereas it is actually your secret folder.

Unfortunately, if the folder you hide has too large size, such as 5GB, it’s so suspicious if one picture file has 5 GB size. By that reason, this trick would be effective to hide small size file / folder.

Quite long article I wrote this time ^^

I hope two ways to hide folder fast and secure can be beneficial for you.

If you have other tips to hide folder, feel free to share it through comment column below. Thank you. :)

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