3 Best Free Platform to Create Website easily

Digital world booming made website become a must to be had by all big or small company, and even by personal! No matter whether your company as big as Kompas Gramedia or personal business which has just started, using market potential through online world can mean something for your business. For bgi company, surely it won’t be difficult to hire professional web developer and ask him to create a website as they need. But for small or personal company which has just started… It needs better solution which is more saving cost. Today, it’s my job to give you the solution :)

Best Free Platform to Create Website easily

The easiest and most efficient way to make advanced website is by using Content Management System (CMS) platform. There are so many CMS can be used for free with various features and their own strength. But from that amount, I have selected three free CMS platform which could be used to make website easily:

1. WordPress

Best Free Platform to Create Website easily

WordPress is a CMS which actually more destined for blogging. But in its development, this CMS used wider than only blogging. The availability of various plugin and themes made functionality of WordPress is able to be used as e-commerce web (online shop), news (news portal), sales letter, even forum.
Its installation process can be said easy, especially for beginner. WordPress has their own developer community which are so active. Thousands of plugin and themes can be found for free.
If you want to create personal blog, news portal, company site or simple trading site, WordPress can be your first choice.

WordPress Main site
WordPress Plugin
WordPress Themes
Examples of sites using WordPress

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2. Joomla

Best Free Platform to Create Website easily

Joomla is a more complex CMS than WordPress. Compared with WordPress, Joomla setting is a bit complicated. Just like WordPress which provided plugin, Joomla also has many extensions to extend its functionality. This extension could be found for free, but there’s also some sold with quite expensive price.
By Joomla, you can make portal news, company web, online shop to online application. If you want to make a bit complex website, Joomla can be your option.

Joomla Main site
Joomla Extensions
Examples of sites using Joomla

3. Drupal

Best Free Platform to Create Website easily

Drupal is the oldest CMS among all CMS above. Made in 2001 and once booming before finally WordPress and Joomla appeared. However, although it’s old, Drupal included strong CMS. How could not, its development is still be done until now. It couldn’t be released from many Drupal volunteers and developers.

Drupal Main site
Drupal Module
Drupal Themes
Examples of sites using Drupal

Yes! There are three content management system platform which I considered as the best CMS to create website easily, especially for beginner who don’t know much about web programming or web design.

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