5 Free Tools to Create Fantastic Facebook Timeline Cover Easily!

Previously, I have written about what is Facebook Timeline and how to activate it. 22 fantastic cover of Facebook Timeline also I’ve shared as your inspiration source. Now is the time for me to tell you 5 free tools you can use to create attractive Facebook Timeline cover. What are the free tools?

1. TimelineCoverBanner


Different with other cover editor tools, Timeline Cover Banner doesn’t display watermark in your facebook timeline cover.
TimelineCoverBanner provides hundreds attractive timeline cover background to be edited with other free tools. You can also upload your photo and background you wanted.


In all covers you edit, you can set Hue, Saturation, Contrast also Brightness.

2. CoverCanvas


CoverCanvas gives three main features to design timeline cover. Firstly, you can create timeline cover from photo combination you have. The result would be like this:


Secondly, you can create timeline cover using your name text. The result would be like this:


Thirdly, you can create timeline cover from combination of photo and your name. the result would be like this:


3. Pic Scatter


Pic Scatter is a cover creator service which will create timeline cover from photos in your Facebook account. Those photos can be from your photo album, friends photos, or photos you liked. Those photos would be displayed as separated photos collection like this.



Pic Scatter provides grey scale effect for free. While other effect, such as sepia vintage, pink, glow, etc only can be used by Pic Scatter premium user. Besides, there will be watermark “made with picscatter.com” on cover made for free.

4. FaceItPages


FaceItPages is a popular Facebook marketing support service. The service actually is a paid service and can be used to create Facebook Fans Page, Fans Gate, Promo/Coupon, Blog Feed, etc.

Along the appearance of Facebook Timeline, FaceItPages also provides application to create Timeline Cover. You can use the free service to create attractive Facebook cover. Here is one example of cover result made from FaceItPages service (free)


5. Timeline Covers Application


This is Facebook application to create timeline cover. This application provides various cover background which is ready to be used. Just open Facebook application page above, then click on “Create Cover” to start making your timeline cover. Here is the result of Cover made by this application.


From five tools above, you can choose any tools you like. You can also get thousands of timeline cover background for free CoverJunction. How about that? Interesting, isn’t it?

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  1. Steph says:

    I’ve been using ImageChef’s Facebook Timeline Cover Pic tools, I can customize my image way more than most of these other sites, and they have a bunch of templates I can just plug my photos into and have it create it for me too:

  2. Ziyush says:

    You missed , Friend Cover Tool that create Friend cover using Friends Profile Picture.

    Try http://www.99coverphotos.com/i/friend-cover-photos/

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