5 Things You Need to Do to Keep your Computer Healthy

Year 2013, start all new things full of spirit! For you who work much in front of computer, SOT is sure that PC is your ‘flagship’ for you to give entertainment, looking for some money, even probably enlarge your knowledge. As one better development for 2013, let’s have commitment to maintain our computer better!

5 Things You Need to Do to Keep your Computer Healthy

In giving maintenance to computer or PC, there are five tips SOT want to explore here, so you can optimize your computer’s work, also keep the data inside it secure! These tips are important for you since all things written by SOT needs to be done daily to maintain computer continuously.


1. Keeping your computer cool

5 Things You Need to Do to Keep your Computer Healthy

One thing you need to do to keep your computer or PC great is, keeping your computer cool.

In higher processor’s PC, sometimes it uses more advanced cooler like water or nitrogen. But if your PC is general PC, wind cooler is a common thing.

First of all, you need to pay attention that your air distribution from your PC is good. PC has inflow fan which has function to make it cool and outflow fan which functioned to ‘throw’ hot air. Both are needed to be checked whether they run well, also did maximum air distribution. Second, you need to check your processor temperature routinely. It can be seen by using certain software such as SpeedFan, which can be used to find out each item’s temperature in your PC.


2. Keeping UPS performance

5 Things You Need to Do to Keep your Computer Healthy

UPS is one accessories to avoid sudden power down without shutdown procedure first in your computer. UPS is practical when you got shut down electricity situation, where you’ll still have chance to turn your PC off. But it can be bad if the UPS power is too full. Research stated that battery condition in UPS would be able to reach dangerous level, whether for PC or yourself.

Here’s what happened, if your UPS battery which previously absorb electric power are let continuously add some power, there’s a possibility that this unused power can be dangerous since it is pile up into battery. If battery isn’t able to schedule and manage the power, huge electric current would have potential to damage your electronic items.

To overcome such matter, you just need to make sure changing UPS battery, at least once every three years.. you can get the battery in the same store where you bought your UPS. For your safety, don’t put other tools than PC to your UPS, for example printer or other external devices, since those device can be victim of huge electric release. Sometimes you also need to let the battery run out and do recharge.


3. Routine Software check

5 Things You Need to Do to Keep your Computer Healthy

Software check as SOT meant here includes your OS checks too. Doing defrag once after some moments is an important thing. Then software check here also means checking your software update, then also check whether any possibility of malware or virus attack to software you have.

This is what you need to do completely to check your software routinely.

Defrag. When you move, copy, or delete files, your computer used to do minimum work to give expected result. It means bits and file chunks are put in empty spaces, not used, but also not gone, it means you actually have some rooms. Defrag will ‘hunt’ the empty rooms in your hard drive, collect them, and then manage them. It will make the empty spaces in your hard disk added, so it would makes you possible to optimize memory used to process your computer.

In addition of using Windows’ original tools, you can also use software such as DiskSpeedUp or PCSuite Defrag Pro.

Chkdsk. In partnership with defrag tools, this is a device which is able to check error in your hard drive. By Chkdsk, you can check whether any bad sector in your hard drive. It is need to be found earlier, so you can do prevention steps. In addition of using Chkdsk, you can also use software such as Windows Surface Scanner or Parted Magic.

Antivirus. Surely antivirus is an important tool to keep software security in our computer. Antivirus software will prevent malware, malicious program, and virus enter into computer and mess our program. For great antivirus reference, you can read SOT’s article about Best Antivirus List of 2012.

So, maintain your software well. Pay attention to defrag, hard drive condition, and also other software!


4. BackUp!

5 Things You Need to Do to Keep your Computer Healthy

One thing hurts computer user is when data lost because erased unintentionally, formatted, and other causes. That’s why, everyday you should do backup regularly to important data. For typing data, such as documents, you can use Cloud Storage like Box or Dropbox.

To secure your computer driver when there’s a damage, backup with DriverMax or Semper Driver Backup.

To secure important data, you can use BitReplica.

Do you have hobby of playing game? Use SaveGameBackup.


5. Manual Anticipation

5 Things You Need to Do to Keep your Computer Healthy

Manual anticipation here is, knowing the characteristic of malware spread site when you’re browsing. To guarantee your security when online, you need to assess the trustworthy of website you visited often to avoid malware from that site.

You also need to aware about phising and other online criminalities when you’re online. It will help you to secure your computer. Everytime you surf the internet, try to use more secure https protocol. Pay attention also to the browser security. Using the well-known secure Chrome browser also a good and optimal choice.


Those are five tips from SOT you need to do everyday to maintain your computer. One more thing. Especially for defrag tips I mentioned above, you don’t need to do it everyday, since doing defrag everyday is not good for PC in fact. You need to consider doing tips above to maintain your computer performance optimally.


Chris Febian is the founder of spyontech.com. He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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