5 Tips To Use New Camera Feature in iOS 5

Apple is really proud about fact that iPhone 4 is the most popular picture taker in Flickr, which even defeated the popularity of some other DSLR cameras. Although not the best in the market, but iPhone camera ability in iOS 5 would be developed by Apple by some additional original software feature. What are they? Using iPhone 4, we will try to explain some camera additional features in iOS 5:

5 Tips To Use New Camera Feature in iOS 5

1. Fast Access

By pressing home button twice on lockscreen, there would be appear shortcut to camera application to take picture in sudden way / fast.

2. Gridlines

This feature will display 3×3 square section to help camerawork with better composition. How to manage it just by selecting option and slide grid to On in order to activate this feature.

3. Shutter camera on volume up

If you don’t like much digital camera shutter on screen, now, iOS 5 user can use volume up button to be physical shutter everytime taking a picture

4. Lock AE/AF

Touch to focus become too general for iPhone user since some years ago, but now, there’s new feature to lock auto focus / auto exposure. Just press and hold for a few second on screen in part you want to be locked, it would be AE/AF lock information below the screen which signed that camera has locked AE and AF. To return to dynamic AE and AF, just touch on other part of screen

5. Multi-touch zoom

zooming digital activity surely would decrease detail of the picture, but if you want to do it, iOS 5 user can use pinch-to-zoom way from camera viewfinder to part needed to be zoomed. In previous iOS 4, for zooming, user should touch the screen once and slide zoom bar located below camera viewfinder. The means can be used with new stylist additional way.

In addition of new features in camera, user now can do simple photo editing such as auto enhance, rotate, crop, and red-eye reduction directly from photo management application.

I hope this simple tips would be useful for you. For you who haven’t updated your iOS into version 5, you can download it here.

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