7 Tips to Optimize Skype

Skype made the user possible to do PC to PC calling for free by internet support. Optimize this program usage by these tips:

7 Tips to Optimize Skype

1. Test your device first

First of all, test the sound quality in your device before you started conversiation. To do it, click on ‘check your sound works’ then click on its button to test each devices, they are speaker, microphone, and video.

If this test is failure, Skype will give basic direction to overcome the failure.

Skype will also help user to make calling test. User just have to click on dial to a number, and he/she will listen female voice, then recorded it to be re-heard. It was done to check mic sound quality and make sure the volume is suitable.

Skype has experience to set headphone mic and volume to repair the trouble occurred, but you can do it in Tools-Settings-Audio Settings-and click on ‘Show advanced options’.

2. Try Bluetooth

Skype is working in all microphone, speaker, or headphone, including Bluetooth headset as long as your computer has Bluetooth receiver.

When bluetooth receiver in your PC is active and your headset is on pairing condition, click twice on Bluetooth icon, then click on ‘Add’ below ‘Device’. Directed to ‘My device is set up and ready to be found’, then click on ‘Next’ until Windwos find headset location and connected.

3. Instant Messaging

Skype can work as instant messaging program such as Yahoo and Windows Live Messenger. Users can shift from phone call to instant message or do it at the same time. Just select which contact you want to send message and click on ‘Send’ to start the conversation.

You can also set Skype just to receive message from people in contact list only and choose to save history of all conversation.

4. Start with Windows

In default, Skype will start directly when Windows opened. It makes easier the user who want to use Skype, but a little bit disturbing for people who don’t. You can set Skype to be active only when you opened it by clicking on ‘Tools-Options-General settings’ and clear the box marked with ‘Start Skype when I start Windows’.

5. Online number

You can set voice mail working when you’re offline. Click on ‘Tools-Options-Calls-Show advanced options’ then select ‘Voicemail’. Tick on ‘Send unanswered calls to voicemail’ box and click on ‘Record’ button and use your microphone.

6. Extras

By extras, you’ll get more Skype function through plugins. In Skype latest version, Extra Manager is non-activated in default.

In this case, you just have to uninstall and reinstall. Download Skype version provided in Extras page. This is the old version. When software is installed, click on ‘Options’ in Hello page, then tick on ‘Install Skype Extras Manager’ and click on ‘I agree – Install’.

If you did, sign in back to Skype and select ‘Tools-Extras-Get extras’. Some extras made user possible to share whiteboard or play game with friends in contact list.

7. Skype button

You can add Skype button in site or blog, so visitors will know if you’re online. If they have installed Skype in PC, they can make a calling to you with one click.

You can also add button in signature email, so email receiver can click on it and communicate directly through Skype.

Visit on Skype button and insert your username. Select button style you want to use. After all detail inserted, its preview will be displayed beside the embed code. Copy-paste this code as HTML source in your site or email signature. (via TechRadar)

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