Do you want to start Business startup? Avoid Trademark problem with Markify

Recently, technology based business is started to develop in Indonesia. Many people call it with Business Startup term. For you who want or even building business startup, you surely should select a brand or name for your business. In selecting name or brand for business, you should be careful. Don’t let yourself get stumbled by trademark problem because using registered brand unintentionally.

Sometimes, because of nescience and intentionality, business developers often named their business with certain name which have been registered as trademark. US and Europe are two region who are excited in ‘eliminating’ business startup used their brand. They have no fear to sue parties used their trademark brand.


To avoid your business startup having trademark problem, it would be good for you to check brand you selected first. If it’s already registered, it would be better for you to use another brand.

Markify is one of my favorite tools in doing trademark checking. Markify uses US trademark database (USPTO database) and Europe (CTM database) to do checking

Before, this kind trademark checking is tend to difficult, long and expensive. But Markify made it easier, faster, and surely free!

1. Just open Markify site.
2. Insert brand you wanted and click on “Search”


3. You’ll get result whether the brand already registered or not.


If it’s still not registered yet as trademark in US and Europe, you can use the brand you wanted freely without worrying trademark claim.

But if it’s already registered, it would be better for you to think other brand to avoid trademark claim from related company.

In addition do checking to trademark, Markify also help you to check the availability of domain, .com and .net from brand you wanted.


It’s easy, isn’t it? I hope this simple information is able to help you avoiding various unwanted trademark problem.

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