Download Theme for Windows 7: Original from Microsoft!

If we are Windows 7 user, sometimes we get bored with standard Windows 7 display. The solution is, we can exchange the appearance of Windows 7 with other themes. Previously, I have shared 4 free themes of Windows 8 which are able to change Windows 7 display similar with Windows 7. Today I specially give download link theme for Windows 7 – original from Microsoft!

Microsoft regularly releases various themes for Windows 7 you can download for free. But not many of Windows 7 user who noticed it. Until now, there are 214 themes of Windows 7 released by Microsoft.


Here is download link for Windows 7 themes – original from Microsoft
Download Windows 7 themes

In the page there are so many Windows 7 themes you can download for free. You can choose according to categories provided (art, automotives, games, movies, etc).

How to install Windows 7 theme

1. After you downloading one of Windows 7 theme, double click on the themepack file.

2. Windows 7 theme will automatically be installed and active

How to replace Windows 7 theme

1. From Desktop, right-click-> Personalize


2. Select Windows 7 theme you want to use


3. Close Personalization Window.

PS: you can also modify Windows 7 theme you wanted (background, basic color, sound, and screen saver) by selecting menu in Personalization window.


The advantage of using Windows 7 theme made by Microsoft is security warranty and compatibility of the theme with our Windows. It reduces the possibility of crash or system lag which sometimes appears when using Windows 7 theme made by other developers.

I hope this Windows 7 theme link download and tips to replace Windows 7 theme will be useful for you.

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