Facebook Tips You Possibly Don’t Know

You might have daily activity on Facebook. But, do you know that there are some tips you might not find out about Facebook? Here we elaborate some tips to do activity in Facebook.

1. Download All Photos in Facebook Album
If you want to download and store all photos in your Facebook Photo Album, you don’t have to download it one by one. You can try website http://www.picknzip.com. In this website you can download your own photo album, also downloading photo in ‘liked’ page.

Download All Photos in Facebook Album

2. Update Status from one place
If you have many account in various social media website such as Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, LinkedIn, MySpace, and others, You just have to do update status in http://hellotxt.com/, so the status typed would automatically connected to all social media which previously have been listed.

Update Status from one place

3. Doing Filter on Status
If you don’t want status you put is known by one or some people, you can block the person. On the below right of status box, select custom, then there will be a dialog box such as below. Select the person’s name you want to be blocked so the person cannot read your status.

Doing Filter on Status

4. Scheduling Update Status
Do you want to update Facebook status in time you wanted automatically? You can try http://laterbro.com/, just by typing a status in the dialog box, then decide what time will the status be published. So, the status would be published automatically.

Scheduling Update Status

5. Finding status with certain keyword
Do you want to find Facebook status containing keyword you wanted? You can try http://openbook.com. Example you want to search Facebook status contained “karaoke” word, numbers of status list containing “karaoke” word, just like you type will occur.

Finding status with certain keyword

6. Non-activate Facebook Account
Too much Facebook account or you don’t want to use Facebook anymore? You can non-activate your Facebook account in Account Settings part, select Security option, then click on Deactive Your Account. Then, select one reason why Facebook account should be non-activated. Then Facebook will process it.

Non-activate Facebook Account

7. Downloading Item once be Shared
You can also download all wall post, photo, video you once shared and also your friend name, by clicking on Account Settings located on the right part of your Facebook display. In General part, click on download a copy, then there would be displayed dialog box asking about the certainty of data download we once shared.

Downloading Item once be Shared


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