Google Chrome Extension Which Made You Possible to Check, Read, and Compose Gmail Message Offline

I’m not sure whether all SpyOnTech readers use cable internet service which is static for surfing. The development of technology made possible for gadget or laptop users to use dynamic internet network such as modem contained SIM Card from certain provider, or WiFi network which is available in Cafe, Campus, or office area. Using this technology, there would be a chance for you to be in situation where you don’t get internet service, whether modem signal is difficult to be accessed at that time or no WiFi network signal around you. Then, how can you handle email activity in such time?

Don’t worry. Now there’s Google Chrome extension which made you possible to check, read, and compose Gmail message offline and online. You can save your time, so you don’t have to open your Gmail account. You just have to click on icon appeared in your Google Chrome which made you able to access your Gmail account.

If you think it is interesting, then you just have to do this simple steps.

First, you need to download Mail Control extension in:

Mail Control - Chrome Extension

If that extension has been installed in your Google Chrome, then you’ll be offered to arrange your Gmail account setting like this:

Mail Control - Chrome Extension

To complete your Google Chrome flexibility in doing checking, reading, and composing email in offline condition, you can download this Offline Google Mail extension:

After installing the extension, you’ll be given an option to allow offline mail active. Select allow offline mail.

Mail Control - Chrome Extension

If you have set so that your extension would be able to open your Gmail account in offline condition, you can click on icon appeared in the upright corner of your Google Chrome browser to check your Gmail account although there’s no internet access at that time.

Mail Control - Chrome Extension

Surely the account displayed would be the last condition when you still obtain internet network. What more special about it, this extension also allow you to compose email which when you send it, would automatically sent when you’ve already had internet network for your PC, gadget or laptop.

Mail Control - Chrome Extension

This extension even gave you toolbar with Offline Mail, Desktop Gmail, Compose Mail (desktop and offline), Show Last notification and Google Calendar menu options which surely will make you easier in handling your Gmail account. There are online and offline options you can use in various conditions.

Mail Control - Chrome Extension

Even with this extension, you can also check the email received in your various folders, so in any condition, you can arrange your correspondence. Surely this extension would be very useful for you who actively do correspondence via email.
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