Here’s a Quick Way to Solve Realtek HD Audio Plugged and Unplugged Problem

If your computer use Realtek HD Audio card with front and back panel jack, and you got a plugged and unplugged device error, you’ve got the same problem with me. This problems cause your audio cutting constantly. Even you don’t plug anything on your panel’s continuously give you a plugged and unplugged device. If you got this problem with your Realtek HD Audio card, I have a simple method to solve your problems. This little bit tricky but it works for me.

Here’s a Quick Way to Solve Realtek HD Audio Plugged and Unplugged Problem

To solve plugged and unplugged problems on your Realtek HD Audio card, simply follow this steps below (I used Windows 7 to demonstrate) :

1. Go to Start –> Control Panel –> Hardware and Sound –> Realtek HD Audio Manager

Click on “i” icon on the right corner of Realtek HD Audio Manager

3. Deactive plugged and unplugged notification by uncheck “display icon in notification area” option and click “OK”.

Deactive plugged and unplugged notification by uncheck “display icon in notification area” option and click “OK

4. Click on yellow icon.

Click on yellow icon

5. Disable front panel jack detection and auto popup dialog.

Disable front panel jack detection and auto popup dialog

6. Click on “Device Advanced Settings”.

Device Advanced Settings

7. Select option just like in the screenshot below and click on “OK”

 Select option just like in the screenshot and click on “OK”

8. Open Speaker tab, then click on the active back panel speaker icon, set it as default device.

Open Speaker tab, then click on the active back panel speaker icon, set it as default device

9. If you plug your microphone on back panel, open microphone tab and click on the active microphone icon then set it as default.

If you plug your microphone on back panel, open microphone tab and click on the active microphone icon then set it as default.

10. Your Realtek HD Audio card plugged and unplugged problem has been solved.

Note: This trick is works by disabling the front jack panel and make the back panel as the default jack panel. You SHOULD plug your audio cable (Line in, Line out (speaker), and Microphone on the back panel because the front panel has been inactive. This is because the problem is come from the front jack panel.

Watch this video below to know how I solve Realtek HD Audio plugged and unplugged problem:

After following those trick above, your Realtek HD Audio card plugged and unplugged problem has been resolved. If you still got an error, drop your questions on this comments field below. If you have another quick and simple ways to solve this problems, please share with other spyontech readers.

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  • Demoadds

    Thanks buddy. I was struggling to find a fix for quite a long time. Thanks a lot, finally, i get rid of the messages.

  • Mergatroid

    Your version of the audio driver is old. Some things are different now. Also, saying “click on the yellow icon” doesn’t help at all since other versions don’t have a yellow icon. How about using the NAME of the icon instead of what colour it is? I also have to state that I don’t think shutting off all the advanced features of the board is a solution. The odds are that just one of the things you did solved the problem, I highly doubt you needed to do them all. Thanks for the info though. I will try these one at a time and keep the one that works. By the way, your twitter/facebook like/tweet thing is blocking the text on your page.

    • Shawn

      So if the audio driver is old and my Mobo manufacture only has the audio driver, what should I do?

    • Benito

      i have the latest version, but after changing as this video says now my computer is not detecting my speaker itself

  • U r a genious

  • Milos Bagy

    Can someone PLS tell me where can I download this version of Realtek cause I don’t have that “folder” icon to disable front panel detection? 

  • Tabarcea2

    Thank you very much !!!!!!!

  • Sunnykeerthi

    thanks bro it worked

  • Armaan Kalhor

    Thanks man your amazing! fixed that annoying bug!!!! does it mean i can’t use the front panel though?

  • Gus

    Chris, This solved my problem also. Thanks so much. But I wonder what problem caused this? Is there still something wrong?

  • Ekta

    I have Realtek HD Audio Manager and i am using windows 7 ultimate 64 bit OS. problem is that i not able to listen songs and videos in my pc. sometimes i m able to listen songs and also get unwanted volume from my speakers for short period of time and then i got an error plugged in and plugged out. Help me to solve this problem.

  • Really worked for me. Thanks!

  • I would like to ask which verson of realtek driver is this one, beacause i dont have the Device Advanced settings button

    • Ğäyäň Šaňgēēţh Mąđušnkã

      Realtek high definition audio driver (3.30)R2.63

  • manz

    wow Thanks! it works..

  • Dmitry

    I have slightly different settings given that it’s a newer version of the Realtek HD Manager but setting them to what was stated didn’t seem to do it for me. I’m runing Windows 7, 64 bit, on an Asus U46E. The mic doesn’t seem to be working at all.

    If I uninstalled RealTek all together, might that do the trick or do you have any additional suggestions?

    Thank you.

  • Rafael

    I don’t have that option “Disable front panel jack detection” What should i do?

  • sanjay tehare

    so thanks i solve my problem using this tutorial.

  • viorel

    Hy,my problem with Realtek HD Audio Manager is that :i don’t find icon”yellow folder” on the realtek hd audio manager,i can’t have posibility to get signal to spdif out coaxial jack,the spdif cable is not detected,i made update from realtek official site to the new version 2.71.Something is happened during the instalation i think,because in the settings tab of the manager is apear in bottom left corner instead realtek logo is asus logo.I have a ASUS P5LD2-X/1333 MB,i using Windows 7 Home Premium SP1,front panel is HD audio,front and back panel jack input’s are detected.All work fine just spdif out is problem.I hope you can help me and i thank you in advance.

  • bilad

    I have also the same problem it just keep popping up that you just plug/unplug a device from audio jack. Updated drives, disabled notification from front panel jack detection but still the problem has not solved. Hoping that Realtek should come up with a solution.

  • nevil

    Deactive plugged and unplugged notification by uncheck “display icon in notification area” option and click “OK”. – the stupid tutorial ever, that just disables realtek icon in task bar

  • yeah!

    this advice is pish!!!!!

  • sirdavies

    I don’t have a yellow icon. I’m using an Ausus laptop, so I just have an analog audio jack at the front and that’s it. There’s no yellow icon or “device advanced settings”, by that matter. The audio just plugs in and out intermittently. It’s really annoying. Please help.

  • uyiosa

    I don’t have a advance setting

  • Zabrina Listya

    it is really helpful! thanks!!



  • cove3a .

    A lifesaver. Some suggested turning off the popup message, but that doesn’t fix the underlying issue and I found snagit wouldn’t render the video correctly. You correctly identified the cause and now all works. Many thanks

  • Dominik

    This is not a solution of real problem, it just disables notification but sound is still interrupting. Sorry but this is lame.

    • It seems the solution allows the system to detect the microphone for windows 7, at least.

  • Cks Stv

    here is my version, working good with this tutorial

  • Jessi

    helped sooo much!!! I’ve been looking for a solution to my audio problems all day and thanks to you..I finally found it!

  • tabish

    the method no 9 is not clear

  • moeburn

    Step 6 – I don’t have a “device advanced settings” button there. Everything else looks the same though.

  • Hauser

    recommend for those who have tried everything else:

    • Can barely make out the words from 00:57 onwards.

  • osama

    its really help me ty bro :)

  • rahul

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  • Romm333

    Thank you for sharing this information.

  • sdeva25

    Thank you so much. This is a windows 10 problem that has been bugging me

  • Rishi Shukla

    Hi, can we set up Realtek HD audio manager to have different equalizers for headphones and speakers

  • Hendrik

    We you dont have the Option “Disable front panel jack detection” disable the taskbar icon and restart… funny but then i got the option back -.- nice software !!!

  • Ğäyäň Šaňgēēţh Mąđušnkã

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    thanks i follow this in windows 10 and works for me

  • Stopping at step 6 instantly made my headphones work for some reason (front panel jack, windows 10). Really weird, thanks

  • A.Z. Sujon

    tnx very much

  • wenkernboys01

    my laptop have got same problem,but thanks for help me to resolve these. :)
    my laptop running in windows xp.
    model: ASUS EEEPC 1001P

  • Kabir Saini

    Hi my front audio panel works its just not showing that my headphones are plugged in?

  • Kp Rowsey

    THANK YOU !!! This is what i had to do … worked great

  • Jestin

    omg god, i have this problemfor severals years. thx to you i finally solved it! Win 10

  • Thank you so much!! This has been annoying me for ages!!

  • Athul Krishna

    I got a serious problem.When I switch on the system, speakers are not detected and shows that “No speakers or headphones are plugged in”.And after sometime, about an hour or more the speakers are detected by its own.What should be the problem?

  • Nah, this work with me. Thank you!

    So what is wrong with Realtek Audio? Is it problem with driver or the device?

  • Anthony Mays

    This crap doesn’t work you still get the interrupt. the only way to fix the problem is to physically unplug the front jacks from your motherboard. There seems to be a problem with the front jack detection that realtek hasn’t fixed yet. your welcome. #Real Technician

  • Bharath

    Hey dis method nt wrking for me .. when i open realtek manager … contiuesly reloading audio devices…. der is no sound on speakers … plz solve the problem..
    sry about my bad english

  • Gebremedhn

    It really worked for me. Thank you so much!

  • Paul Chavannes

    This does not help if the port just keeps randomly changing and unplugging and plugging back in

  • McLady

    thank u so much

  • McLady

    i also want to know how to disable a just one analog panel

  • Rex Tony

    yeah, i got your points, but none of rear panel is event showing, your 1 is atleast showing but my none, and in Step 7, i got only 2 options, there is no playback device section.
    Even looked in bios settings, but there only Front panel, nothing about rear audio panel.
    Can you help me ??

  • Rudraw Xd

    Thanks a lot. It worked.

  • Reaper

    I can’t believe this is still an issue so many years later. Right now I am using version 6.0.18036 of the audio driver which came with the download labeled as R2.81 of the Realtek HD audio driver. It only happens occasionally, like once a day if even that, but this issue has slowly driving me crazy so I finally googled it and found this page.

    Thanks for the description of how to avoid the issue, since there doesn’t appear to be a fix. Although the interface design is a bit different, the same options still exist.

  • A R Cole

    realtek is just shit, ive read endless pages of people with realtek issues

  • hery

    try using old one… some pc not support the new one..

  • Anders Pødenphant

    The other solutions I looked up did not work for me. (Win 10/64, ASUS MB). I uninstalled all audio drivers, and installed latest Realtek driver (win 10 64 bit driver. ) from Realtek website, (not ASUS MB support drivers(tried them all, non worked)). I set Playback Device to: Mute the rear output device… / Recording Device to: Separate all input jack … And I Disable Auto Popup dialog, and, changed HD Audio Front Panel to AC97 Front Panel! I know it is inferior quality, but now I have sound running from both back and front panel, at all times, with no delay or hick-ups, when connecting my headphones. These settings makes no sens, but somehow it works for me. For me this is the best solution I have found. Try it out, good luck.

  • Justin Stanley

    There is one problem, I don’t have Realtek HD Audio Manager selection.

  • Justin Stanley

    I have B&O Play on my computer, but not Realtek HD Audio Manager.

  • Salman

    Thanks! It works for Gigabyte GA-H61-S2PV

  • Daniel Ramadhan

    thanks, When i UNPLUG my headphones, the computer shows that im still using my headphones. Then i used your only number 5 step. Idk how but it miraculously worked, thanks again.

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