How Strong Your Password? Check it With PasswordMeter!

Password is the most important security key for today. All of your account need a password. Online Banking account, social networks account, Paypal account, forums and other accounts. That’s why you should be cautious when create and choose the right passwords for your account.

If you already have passwords and you curious how strong your password is, you can check it using online password checker. PasswordMeter is one of reliable online password checker which could help you to analyze your password and give you an advice to make your password stronger.

How Strong Your Password? Check it With PasswordMeter

It’s very easy to use PasswordMeter to check the strength of your passwords. Simply follow this method below:

1. Open PasswordMeter website:


2. Type your password on the provided form.

3. You’ll get your password’s strength score.

Type your password on the provided form

You won’t only get strength score, there’re also several tips to increase your password strength. You could see several additions and deductions points below the score box. PasswordMeter has “Green” reputation on MyWot, so you could use it safely without need to worry about your security. It’s recommended if you have many password for your account. Different password for different account is safer than using the same password for all your accounts. To make you easier manage dozens of password, you can use KeePass Password Safe which I’ve reviewed here before.



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