How to activate Facebook Timeline

Facebook Timeline feature has already existed since previous December 15th 2011. But, there are many Facebook users who don’t understand how to activate it in their Facebook account. In this article, I will give short manuals about how to activate Facebook Timeline easily.

For you who don’t know what Facebook Timeline is, it is a new display (plus various new features) in Facebook profile account page. Just watch the difference between Facebook account profile display using Facebook Timeline and not.



Some parts in Facebook Timeline are:

1. Cover


It is big photo you can fill with your best picture. Because of its huge size, this cover will be dominantly appeared when other people opened your Facebook profile account.

2. Story


This part is a place where you can display post, photo or interesting moments you want to be displayed. There is a button to select displaying or hiding post, photo, etc from your Timeline.

3. Apps


In this part, there would be displayed various movies you quoted, songs you listened, activities you loved, websites you liked, etc.
Surely not all Facebook users love the Timeline display, but if you like it, just follow these short steps to activate your Facebook Timeline:

1. Open this page
2. Click on “Get Timeline”


3. After that, you can start to edit your Timeline. Which one you want to display, and which doesn’t.


4. After edited, you can directly activate your Facebook Timeline by clicking on “Publish Now”


PS: You’ll be given seven days to edit your Timeline (creating attractive cover picture, arranging post, photo, and other moments in your timeline display, etc) before the Timeline can be seen online by your friends. If you have already finished editing it before seven days, just click on “Publish Now” (step 4).

* some pictures are taken from Mashable

Thing you should remember is, after you activated Facebook Timeline, your Facebook Profile page will be changed permanently. It means, your old Facebook profile page will be changed with Facebook Timeline page.

One of the most attractive thing in Facebook Timeline is Timeline Cover. You can design attractive Timeline Cover with five free tools to design fantastic timeline cover. If you want some timeline cover ideas, you can see 22 Facebook Timeline Cover worth to be your inspiration.


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