How to Create Your Own 3D Glasses

3D movie is more popular recently. The 3 dimensional movie is often played in various theater or sold in DVD. Even, commonly we can also download 3D movie from various sources in the Internet. Unfortunately, you should wear 3D glasses to enjoy those 3D movies. This 3D glasses’s price is actually so cheap, but not all places and stores selling 3 dimension goggle. For you who want to enjoy sensation of 3D movie, but you don’t have 3 dimension glasses, today I’m going to show you how to create your own 3D glasses.

This 3 dimension glasses we will make here is red-blue or red-cyan type

How to Create Your Own 3D Glasses

and not the Polaroid type.

How to Create Your Own 3D Glasses

This red-blue or red-cyan type 3D glasses can be used to see 3D pictures and 3D video / movie in anaglyphs type.

There are two ways in creating 3D glasses I will give here. The first way is the simple one, but fast, and the second way is the most complicated way, but the result is great!

A. How to make a simple 3D glasses

1. Prepare mica or see-through plastic. You can use ex-CD cover you have.

2. Give color to mica or see-through plastic using red-colored markers for your left eyes and blue or cyan for right eyes.

How to Create Your Own 3D Glasses

This is the easiest and fastest way to be follow. It conforms you who want to enjoy 3D movie sensation, but doesn’t want complicated way in making 3D glasses.

The weakness, you should hold the mica when you watch 3D video / movie. If you want to make more comfortable 3D glasses, you can continue into the second way in making 3 dimension glasses.

B. How to make Complicated but great 3D glasses

1. Download the 3D glasses pattern here

2. Print the mal, then paste it in a thick cardboard.

3. Cut the cardboard as line and pattern on the mal.

4. Prepare blue-colored mica (or cyan) and red-colored mica. Cut it with larger size than the hole on mal.

5. Attach the blue mica (2 sheet) in glasses part for right eye, and the red one (2 sheet) for left eye.

6. Cluster every pattern with glue, and your 3D glasses is ready to be used.

How to Create Your Own 3D Glasses

Remember, don’t used dark blue color since it would be difficult to create 3 dimension effect when it’s used. The perfect blue is cyan blue or a bit light-blue.

Before you wear the 3 dimension glasses to watch your favorite 3D movie, do the test first to see the quality of 3D glasses you made.

Quality test for Self-made 3D glasses

1. Check your 3 dimension glasses with the procedure on the figure.

How to Test Your Own 3D Glasses

2. Use the figure below to do checking (step 1)

How to Test Your Own 3D Glasses

If the checking result show this result:

1. Red mica can only see blue color turns to black
2. Blue mica can only see red color turns to black
3. When it’s viewed, there’s only one object can be seen
4. The glasses can be seen clearly (not opaque)

So your 3D glasses is already perfect and ready to be used.

Feel free to watch this 3 dimension Avatar movie trailer and feel the real sensation!

You can also watch 3 dimension effect from this pictures.


Image with 3D Effect

Image with 3D Effect

Image with 3D Effect

Interesting, isn’t it? You can search other 3 dimension video in YouTube or watch thousands 3D pictures here. Now there’s just your creativity working. By a little bit creativity, even you can make this cool 3D glasses.

How to Create Your Own 3D Glasses

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