How to Get Information from Google Easily and Accurately

Google is the largest searching machine nowadays. But unfortunately, until today, there are many people haven’t able to use it optimally. To get information from Google accurately, there are some tips and ways to be paid attention. These tips would not only help you from stuck by billions of information actually you didn’t search. In this article, I will give you some ways to get information from Google accurately.


Use combination from some operators and commands provided by Google.
Google has prepared some commands and operator to make you easier finding information you’re searching. Some commands and operators you can use are:

1. site:
This command is useful to search article from certain sites only.

2. Filetype:
This command is used to search searching result with certain file / format (pdf, doc, jpg, etc)

3. intitle:
This command is used to display search result with title containing certain word.

4. author:
This command is used to display searching result written by certain name.

5. ” “
This operator is used to find exact phrase just like written in the quote

This Operator is used to eliminate result containing word you don’t want.

7. ~
This Operator is used to search similar word or related with certain word.

8. ..
This Operator is used to display searching result written in certain stretches of time

9. *
This Operator is used to search other popular word from a word.

Combining various operator and order above can help you to get searching result suitable as you expect. It’s useful to eliminate bias and unsuitable result which you don’t want.

Example in usage:

1. If you want to search a video converter software to convert DVD as written in between 2009 to 2011, and you don’t want audio converter displayed in the result, searching combination you can use is: ~freeware -converter 2011

2. If you want to search report or paper with PDF format about air speed, having title contained words: velocity of red rumped swallow, velocity of lesser stripped swallow, velocity of unladen swallow, etc. So, combination you can use is:

filetype:pdf air speed intitle:velocity of *swallow

3. If you want to search an English paper for your college assignment about Photosynthesis written by Dr. Ronald L. Green and Dr. Thomas P. Buttz, so, operator combination you can use is:

author:green "oxygenic photosynthesis"

author:green command usage above is able to eliminate the displaying of searching result contained green word which means color.

“oxygenic photosynthesis” operator usage made the result displayed containing oxygenic photosyntesis phrase in intact and unseparated way.

Other command and operator combinations can be used to make you easier in searching ebook, article, paper, report, journal, etc you wanted through Google.


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