How to Overcome Virus Shortcut in USB Flash Disk

How to Overcome Virus Shortcut in USB Flash Disk

USB Flashdisk is often considered as media for virus spread, one of them is shortcut virus. Just like as experienced by SpyOnTech’s friend. From the report, it can be seen that her USB Flash disk was attacked by shortcut virus which made her files turned into shortcut.

In this article, SpyOnTech will give a tips to overcome the shortcut virus in USB Flashdisk which expected to be beneficial for SpyOnTech’s friends.


There are 3 steps which need to be done to overcome shortcut virus in USB Flashdisk


1. Destroying autorun file in Flashdisk

Most shortcut virus spread via autorun file, that’s why the first thing to do is exterminate the autorun file itself.

Download AutorunExterminator

Extract then run AutorunExterminator. Then plug in the USB Flashdisk which has infected. This software will eradicate autorun.inf file in USB flashdrive.


2. Return the file which has turned into shortcut

File in USB Flashdisk which has changed into shortcut can be returned by using command prompt.

With assumption that your flashdisk drive letter is G: , then click on Start -> Run -> cmd -> Enter

Type on (or copy) this command, then press enter
attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.*

PS: Don’t forget to change the g: letter with your USB Flashdisk drive letter.

Now, file in your flashdisk which previously turned into shortcut, has turned into normal again.


3. Eradicating its virus or malware

This third step is quite important, because without this step, there’s a possibility that virus will be returned to mess your USB flashdisk anymore.

To eradicate virus or malware, you can use your favorite antivirus, but SpyOnTech choice is on Malwarebytes anti-malware.

Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

After that, run update, and do Full-Scan.


I wish the steps above could help you to overcome virus shortcut in USB Flashdisk. If you have questions or problems related with Windows, you can follow @SpyOnTech and mention SpyOnTech.

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