How to Play YouTube in VLC Directly

VLC Media Player is one of the most favorite video player which used often by computer users. In addition of free, VLC is also able to play almost all popular video format. But do you know that VLC is also able to play YouTube video or YouTube playlist directly?

Some advantages you can get from playing YouTube video from VLC directly are:

1. You can manage video into “always on top” (Video – Always on Top), so you can watch video while working others.
2. You can play video many times (loop). It suits you who love to listen video clip from YouTube.
3. just like other video, YouTube video you played in VLC can be speed up or down.
4. You can watch video without disturbed by other elements like comment, commercial, etc.
5. You can play YouTube video without add-on Flash which often caused your browser crash.


How to watch YouTube Video in VLC Media Player

1. Open VLC Media Player, then press on CTRL + N

2. Paste link YouTube in Network URL and click on Play

How to Play YouTube in VLC Directly

3. Your Youtube Video will be played directly.

How to Play YouTube in VLC Directly


How to watch YouTube Playlist in VLC Media Player

To view YouTube playlist, you shall install YouTube video add-on and Playlist Importer first.

1. Download Playlist Importer add-on here:

2. Download .lua file

3. Copy.lua file in folder /lua/playlist
Windows: ProgramFiles\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist\
Linux: /usr/share/vlc/lua/playlist/
Mac OS X: /Applications/

4. Open VLC, press CTRL + N

5. Paste YouTube playlist link you want to play.

How to Play YouTube in VLC Directly

6. YouTube Video playlist will be imported and played in your VLC in playlist form.

How to Play YouTube in VLC Directly

How to Play YouTube in VLC Directly

Isn’t it easy? Now you can use VLC Media Player to play your favorite YouTube video. Previously SOT once also gave some VLC tricks, such as how to record desktop using VLC Media Player and 6 other secret features of VLC media player. Enjoy trying and have fun with VLC Media Player! :D

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