How to Repair Windows Without Re-Installing

We often find trouble in Windows operating system we used. Whether it is caused by crash among software, error tweaking, or other matters. The last option we took is re-installing the Windows. But there’s a free software which is worth to try before you decide to re-install your Windows. By using this software, there’s a chance for you to repair Windows without re-installing it.

Windows Repair (All in One) is the software I meant. This Software has various advanced tool and feature to repair broken Windows, such as:

Reset Registry Permissions
Reset File Permissions
Register System Files
Repair WMI
Repair Windows Firewall
Repair Internet Explorer
Repair MDAC & MS Jet
Repair Hosts File
Remove Policies Set By Infections
Repair Icons
Repair Winsock & DNS Cache
Remove Temp Files
Repair Proxy Settings
Unhide Non System Files
Repair Windows Updates
Repair CD/DVD Missing/Not Working
And still many more

Here is ways to repair Windows using Windows Repair (All in One) software

1. Download and install Windows Repair (All in One)

Windows Repair (All in One) Installer

Windows Repair (All in One) Homepage

2. First time you run it, there will be four optional steps you can run before doing Windows repair. I suggest you to do step 2, 3 and 4. You can pass the Step 1.


3. Open “Start Repair” tab and choose the repair mode (Basic, Advanced or Custom). If Windows damage is not too bad, you can select “Basic Repair”.


4. Click on Start.


5. You can select repair option on the left tab. Click on Start.


6. Wait until it finished and your Windows has been repaired.

Actually, what Windows Repair (All in One) doing is re-managing your Windows to minimize damage happened caused by setting fault, whether by software or another tweaking software. It can be said that the software re-setting your Windows without re-installing.

Interesting, isn’t it?

You can get “fresh” Windows without re-installing.

However, surely this Windows Repair (All in One) is not always succeed in fixing your Windows 100%. If you have repaired it but your Windows damage still exists, re-installing is still the last option you should do.
I wish this Windows repairing without re-installing will be beneficial for you.

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