How to Update Status via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, etc directly from your PC!

Do you want to update status on Facebook via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad etc although you haven’t had those gadgets? Relax, that’s not an impossible thing to do. In this article, I will show you how to update status through via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and through other advanced gadgets only by using PC! It’s surely easy, fast, not complicated, and certainly… It’s Free!


Actually trick to update status via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad and via other advanced gadgets is not a new thing. There are so many tutorial taught about how to update Facebook status by various methods. However, unfortunately those methods are complicated and hard to be done. If it’s easy, the way took relative long time (installing BlackBerry virtual, creating Facebook application, etc).

For you who want to update status via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, and via other advanced gadgets fast and easily, just follow this guidance:

1. Make sure you have login in your Facebook account.
2. Select the gadget you wanted to update your status. Click on what you want to.

3. Write your status and click on share.


Finish!!! It’s so easy, isn’t it??

Feel free to bookmark this page, so it will be easy to find when needed.

Now you’re able to update status via BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad or via other advanced gadget fast and easy! I hope this information will be worth for you!

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