Why Firefox 4 User Should Update to Firefox 5 Final

Mozilla released Firefox 5 Final yesterday. But most of its users don’t update their Mozilla yet. There are several reasons that make them not updating their Firefox. One of them is because the add-on compatibility issue. But if you don’t update your Firefox, you might get a big trouble. Mozilla said that they will not continue updating Firefox 4 again. It means, there will not security and bug fixes on the old version of Firefox. This will open the opportunity for hackers to exploit the Firefox 4 vulnerability. They might steal your important personal data such as the credit card detail, online banking account, etc.

Why Firefox 4 User Should Update to Firefox 5 Final

For security and stability reasons, I recommend you to update your Firefox browser to Firefox 5 Final. If you have add-on compatibility issues after updating your Firefox, read 5 Simple Steps to Make Any Add-on Compatible with Your Firefox 5 Final.

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