5 Ways to Secure Your Gmail Account

Are you a Gmail account user? It is important for you to keep your Gmail account security. Moreover, lately, hacking is happened rapidly. That’s why, it is important for you to improve your Gmail account security.

Ways to Secure Your Gmail Account

SOT here will provide some tips so you can improve your Gmail account security. Just follow the steps below:

1. Use strong Password

You should always use strong password to avoid possibility for your Gmail account to be hacked. Choose unique password for your Gmail account, take priority for combination of low/uppercase, number and symbol. For more information, you can read SOT article to find out what is meant by strong password.


2. Use two step verification

2-step verification will add security layer in your Google account, where you register your cell phone number to Google so that Google would be able to send verification pin to your cell phone. If you already had it, then if someone successfully guessed or stole your password, he’ll get difficulties to get into your account since they don’t have your cell phone number.


3. Use SSL Connection

SSL connection will secure traffice between secure browser and server. For example, to login to Google Mail, then web URL with SSL is https://mail.google.com/. Or you can activate it from your Gmail account by clicking on Mail Setings > General. Then set “Browser Connection” to “Always use HTTPS.” This will make everytime you access your Gmail account then you’ll be directed to HTTPS.

Ways to Secure Your Gmail Account


4. Use Password Recovery Option

Always use Password Recovery option in your Gmail account, so if you forgot or lost your password, then you can do recovery easily. To activate this option, you can directly go to Mail Settings > Accounts and Import > Change password recovery. Here you can also add your telephone number, email address, also security question to recover your password.

Ways to Secure Your Gmail Account

Ways to Secure Your Gmail Account


5. Always check your account’s activities

You can check Login time, browser type, and IP Address from your Gmail account, so you can find out quickly if there’s an access which didn’t come from you. This kind of report can be seen below your Gmail page, titled “Last account activity” you can click on “Details” to find out more about your Gmail account activity.

Those Tips above is important for you to avoid account hacking which often happened. One more thing, to secure your internet privacy security, it’s important for you to keep your online identity security by multiple layer protection.

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