7 Tips to Keep you Exist and Popular More in Twitter

Are you a person who when firstly opened Twitter shouted: “What the hell is this? RT RT… so confusing!” but then get addicted by Twitter? SOT won’t blame you because Twitter has their own excitement. Twitter got popular recently and there’s an article said a fact that Jakarta is the most active city in the world in Twitter.

SOT sure that the more you excited using Twitter, you’ll find more ways to be more popular and exsit in Twitter. Here SOT revealed seven tips to be more exist and popular in Twitter.

7 Tips to Keep you Exist and Popular More in Twitter

1. Try to Follow Less than your Followers amount

Ah, this is quite unique tips. But it’s true that many people in Tweetland saw that a person whose “following” amount less than “Followers” is a popular person. There’s a tendency that people will tend to follow that type of person since they would be curious, what made such people is attractive to be followed?

But this tips couldn’t be used if you’ve just entered Tweetland. In the beginning, it would be better for you to follow your friends while expect them to followback. However, as you got more exist in Tweetland, you’ll find your own character and attract people’s attention with your tweets.

2. Say something interesting

Twitter generally discuss about “what are you doing right now”, but it’s totally lame! According to you, what would be interesting to follow a person who wrote: “I’m here on LA”, “Lunch at Kentucky”, “Teacher so mad of me since I forgot the homework”, etc. It’s kinda boring, isn’t it? That’s why you should pay attention to characterization in Twitter. People will follow you if they found ‘something interesting’ inside you. Perhaps, you love to discuss information technology and share your knowledge, or you love to share celebrities’ news which seemed rare to be acknowledged by other people. Perhaps, you can also twet your wise and unique thoughts to Tweetland. Commonly, people will be interested finding your unique thought about phenomena which also they felt right now.

3. Don’t Complain

You’d better think twice to complain in Twitter. Your followers surely won’t be comfortable reading your complains about a teacher who’s late to class, your quarreled parents, your leaked tire, your girlfriend who always rejected you when you wanted to meet her… moreover, if you just wrote cuss words. It would make your followers running away. People would prefer positive and informative tweets. Compare these sentences

“OMG! My nose keep sniffling”

“I’ve just found out that turmeric and ginger are great for cold”

People would be more interesting to read the second sentence. So, be careful if you want to complain in Twitter.

4. Give your followers certain theme

Do you have a tips to be more popular in twitter? Cool Twitter Desktop Client to be used? Don’t be so stingy. You can put link for certain tips in your Tweet. It will make your followers interested and happy to be your followers. For example, you can tweet tips from Pusat Gratis as solutions for your followers’ problems.

5. Tweet in the right time

You surely want people to read your tweets. So, make sure the important tweet to be launched in ‘prime time’. It commonly great if you existed in Twitter for business. You’d probably able to attach ‘commercial’ in people’s leisure time at weekend. Your message surely would be read. In work hours, it would be better to launch light tweets to entertain people. It will make them love to be your followers

6. Do some conversation with your followers

Except you’re an artist or celebrity in certain field, it would be better for you to involve yourself in a conversation with your followers. It will make your followers felt that they are noted and respected. Moreover if you often answered tweet which asking for help, probably a person who confuse about a problem or need a tips to face something. As respect and gratitude, they will be your loyal followers.

7. Grow your followers’ curiosity

When you wanted your follower to follow your website or when you want them to click on link you’ve given, grow your followers’ curiosity. Don’t just say “this is my latest post in blog: [link]”. It won’t be interesting, isn’t it? It would be better if you discuss about it a bit such as: “Curious about Windows 8 features? This is the discussion: [link]”

It would be better if previously you reveal a kind of introduction related with article you want to link in Twitter or discuss a story before you go into the core problem. You should master the art of revealing such things only in 140 characters.

Those are 7 tips to be more exists in Twitter. Those tips would be extremily useful, moreover if you’re an online businessman or go into Tweetland to promote the products you sold in real world.


Chris Febian is the founder of spyontech.com. He spent his time by testing new software and writing some reviews of them. This blog is one of his favorite place to publish his reviews.

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