9 Tips To Secure Your Passwords From Hacker

In this online world, there are many activities needed username and password. Started from social media, forum, to online payment. All of them needed username and password to access it. Securing password is not an easy thing. This time SOT will discuss about 9 tips which can secure your password from hacker!

9 Tips To Secure Your Passwords From Hacker

Forget words in Dictionary!

Password you made from a dictionary’s word is a bad password. Hacker often do brute force with database contained various words in dictionary. So if your password right now is a word in the dictionary, SOT suggests you to replace or modify it. You can add number, punctuation mark, etc.


Don’t ever use the same password more than twice

Make sure you don’t use the same password more than twice. Yup! Many people using password, even the same username in some sites. When hackers penetrate and steal password database from a site, let’s say LinkedIn, they can use the password to login into other site, for example bank account, email, paypal, etc. So, if you recently use the same passwords in some sites, change them immediately!


Use long and difficult-to-be-guessed-Password

Longer a password, longer the time needed by cracker to get through. Ideally, password has 14 characters length or more so it won’t be passed less than 24 hours. Since memorizing long password is not easy, you can use PassPhrase trick, which is combining some easy things to be remembered into a long sentences.


Use password with difficult combinations

In addition of long, a difficult password combination will make your account more secure from hacker. Make sure your password have combination of capital, small alphabet, number and punctuation mark. It will lengthen the process to hack password using brute force attack method.


Store your passwords in the safe place

It’s useless to have strong password , if you store it in not-safe place. It’s common for a person to store their password in notepad or excel, then put it into certain desktop or folder. If you want your password to be secure, don’t ever do this! Save your password in a secure place, for example, encrypted USB.


Use strong Master Password in Password Manager

Password manager is so useful to help us saving many passwords. KeePass and LastPass are two favorite password managers selected by SOT. But still there’s a risk when we stored password in Password Manager. Our Password will be gathered into one, and if our laptop is missing… That data also carried by other person. So, if you really have to use Password Manager, make sure you use super duper strong Master Password!


Fake the Security Question Answer

It often happens when we register in certain account, there’s a security question feature given to us. Actually this feature is function so that our account can be safer when we forget password etc, but unfortunately, it often becomes crack for hacker to steal our password. How to trick it, is by creating a fake security question. For example, if the security question is what our pet’s name, fill in the answer with your favorite motor type.


Use different Browser

You can use different browser for different need. For example for browsing web, forum, etc, you can use Firefox, while for paypal, online banking, and other important account, you use Google Chrome. The purpose is, when you intentionally visited certain site which infected malware, the malware wouldn’t be able to steal your cache or any important data related with your online banking in the browser.


Use different Email

Just like browser usage technique above, you can use different email for different needs. One email can be used to register to social media, forum, milis, website, etc… while the second email only used to register in important account like online banking, paypal, etc.


Those are 9 tips from SOT which can secure your password more from hacker. If you have another tips, feel free to share them in SOT’s comment column below.


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