Backup Your WordPress Data via Dropbox

Regular Backup Ritual in WordPress data or file is not a matter by a person who only owed one or two website. But for a company which owed so many websites, creating backup regularly can be said as something which took a lot of time and infefficient. But now, along the development of technology and various media cloud competition, there’s a practical solution for you who have so many websites, by using a plugin named WordPress Backup to Dropbox which is provided by

WordPress Backup to Dropbox is a plugin for WordPress, which is this Plugin will automatically upload backup from a website made using WordPress, icluding all files and databases to a cloud storage which can be used for free, which is Dropbox.

Backup Your WordPress Data via Dropbox

By using WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin, for you who have many websites it’s surely will save your time and work efficiency. In case there’s something happened to website you have, here you can directly do recovery by using backup in your Dropbox, because by this WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin, you can upload back all of your website files which previously already backup to Dropbox.

For you who also want to use this plugin, surely you have to owe a Dropbox account first. Let’s directly download this plugin via link below:


In addition of its amazing function, Backup to Dropbox WordPress Plugin has a simple user interface which is easy to be used. WordPress Backup to Dropbox users can easily and fast managing the suitable backup frequency as needed. It is noted that thousands people already use Backup to Dropbox WordPress plugin. In its first year, this plugin has been downloaded more than 90.000 times. Wow! So, it’s not wrong if this plugin is totally recommended by SOT to be owed, since in addition of beneficial to support a website continuity by WordPress engine, the good news is, this plugin is also distributed for free.

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