Facebook: It’s Not Good to Spend Too Much Time in Facebook

Something rare happened, when a service said that too much using the service is not good. But that’s what Facebook said via their Facebook Page.

Birthday cake are made so that people can gather. The cake gives opportunity for friends and colleagues to celebrate it together. But too much cookie isn’t health. So, this birthday cookie is alike with Facebook”

Facebook: It’s Not Good to Spend Too Much Time in Facebook

Via the posting, it can be said that Facebook honestly admit that too much spending time in Facebook isn’t good. Previously Facebook once announced that most of Facebook users spend their time more in front of Facebook than meeting their real friends. They prefer to have a chat and throwing joke via social media and spend their time there. Surely they wouldn’t have enough time to meet and socialize directly.

But Facebook themselves remind us that spending time too much in front of Facebook isn’t good. So, log out your Facebook account for a while. Turn off your computer… walk out… and play with your friends in real world!


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