[Facebook Tips] Goes Wrong Direction in Using Facebook

For adolescent in this second millennium era, it seems like no one not recognize Facebook. Not just popular, this social network has been used more than one-seventh of world’s population. The interesting fact from this social network is, you can put your biography as accurate as you wannabe, so you can tie back relationship with relatives or friends who probably has been far separated and you miss them much, even creating relationship with some new people whether professionally or for hobby needs. In Facebook, you can also overcome your boring by playing game, chatting, or following philosophy words given by certain inspiring account.

Even so, there are some mistakes made by people in using Facebook. What SOT meant by ‘mistakes’ here is, exaggerating act which made other people (the other people here mostly are your close friends and relatives) seeing your behavior as something unordinary or improper.

[Facebook Tips] Goes Wrong Direction in Using Facebook

What are things can be considered as mistakes in using Facebook? This time SOT will review it one by one special for you!


Creating Facebook as ‘War Zone’

[Facebook Tips] Goes Wrong Direction in Using Facebook

No matter what’s your ideology, how do you feel today, or what’s your grudge to someone, releasing anger and ‘fight’ in Facebook is not a wise option.

Worse, if you’re a teenager who use Facebook to argue your parents or brother in Facebook. If there’s a fight with someone you know well, talk to him/her directly or at least use your phone to state your opinion. Fighting in social network is an improper act and ridiculous. SOT still see often teens use Facebook to fight with their GF/BF. OMG!


Over-Expose your Marriage in Facebook

[Facebook Tips] Goes Wrong Direction in Using Facebook

Marriage is truly memorable once of the life time event. But it doesn’t mean you have to over-expose about your marriage. If you have married long time ago and more than twice updating your status and put your marriage photos link, then you already overdo in exhibiting your marriage. Moreover if you posted step by step of your marriage event for update status. D’oh… Your friends who watched your photo appeared in their wall again and again will be sick.

Disclaimer: SOT didn’t write this discussion under a gun threat by a crazy-single man who envied his friends’ wedding photos which always displayed in his Facebook wall in such weekend like this.


Exhibiting scars

[Facebook Tips] Goes Wrong Direction in Using Facebook

Probably there’s a message you want to deliver when you update a status about you’re being brought to hospital because of too many donuts you’ve eaten. Delicious food would be dangerous if it is too much. But if you played soccer then someone tackle your leg so that it covered with blood, soon to be amputated… please.. for God sake, don’t upload such photo to the wall.

Male (commonly teenage) seems proud to upload their face injury (from mass-fight). That is not a pleasant scene for people who befriend you (Remember: the photo you uploaded would be displayed into their wall).


Stuff You Traded or Workplace

[Facebook Tips] Goes Wrong Direction in Using Facebook

Okay, you sold a good product and you have a cool workplace! But if you use personal Facebook account (not for business nor professionalism), it’s not proper to upload the photos of stuff you’re selling or your workplace. What SOT meant here is, let’s imagine scenario where John Doe, is a senior marketing for real estates. But if this John Doe is your friend and everyday your wall felt to be bombarded by products he sold (whereas the account he used is personal account), surely you’ll get pissed off about him.

Someone will choose to “like” or befriend an online shop account or professional marketer when they have interest to certain product. But for personal friend, SOT is sure we don’t expect to get offering from our friend.

Everyday uploading your workplace photo for being show off about how busy you are in your AC-room, comforting sofa, and table with files, won’t make anyone comfortable about that!


Exaggerating discussion about baby

[Facebook Tips] Goes Wrong Direction in Using Facebook

Having a child for some people is the most joyful moment in life. No problem if you love to upload your kid’s funny behavior.

But if you stepped on detail discussion around baby related with:

• Information about uterus, and ‘her neighbors’
• Un-bathed baby photo (after the baby had just born)
• Discussion about breast feeding
• Photo which express nudity (whether for mother or baby)

Will make other people uncomfortable to stare at their wall. You can create specific website about it and probably people who want to discuss it seriously and scientifically will visit it. However, put such content in Facebook, where everyone can see it would be unwise.


Detail of your romantic relationship

[Facebook Tips] Goes Wrong Direction in Using Facebook

This is the thing done by our teenagers often. Romantic photo, kissing with tongue, and other vulgar things. Surely it won’t make other people comfortable to see it. SOT always feel concerned seeing profile picture of a teen kissing his girlfriend hot.

And if you answer by phrase such: “Problems?!”

I will be glad to answer: “Definitely!” Update status or uploading images in Facebook is similar like forcing someone else to watch a slide. Surely you won’t feel comfortable watching something you don’t want to watch in public media.


Gamer in Facebook

[Facebook Tips] Goes Wrong Direction in Using Facebook

If every invitation to play certain game in Facebook, SOT receive a dollar, then right now, surely SOT has been a millionaire and buy one of Donald Trump’s property.

It commonly appears because of lack of insight. Actually you can turn such notification off when registering to the game by changing notification target into “Only Me”. But many people didn’t pay attention about it. So, almost everyday SOT’s Facebook notification is full with invitation to play this or that game.

For you who feel annoyed by such thing, you can read tips about how to delete game notification from Facebook.


Using Facebook excessively to create an event

[Facebook Tips] Goes Wrong Direction in Using Facebook

One of easy-to-use Facebook feature is you can use Facebook to create an event, then spread it to other friends. It will make it easier and helpful. Moreover if your friends live quite far from you.

One of the Facebook feature which is really helpful, you can use Facebook to plan an event, then spread it to your friends. It will make you easier and helpful. Moreover, if your friends living far from you.

However, it would be disturbing if you held an event every week and invite all your friends to come. Not all people living near you so they can attend your event as often as possible.

If you have such regular event, create your own group, where people who have similar intention with you could join. If your personal account is used for this interest, your friends would be annoyed.


Political Journal

[Facebook Tips] Goes Wrong Direction in Using Facebook

By interacting in Facebook, people will expect to know you as a person. If you use your personal account to elaborate your political ideology continuously, they would be annoyed. Surely all people would feel discomfort to get daily update status about politic via Facebook.

If you want to spread your political ideology via Facebook, SOT suggest you to do these steps:

1. Create a blog
2. Introduce the blog to your Facebook friends
3. put your blog link in your profile
4. Stop posting about politic in Facebook, and do that in your blog only.

It would be more effective and respectable to deliver your view about politic.


Okay! What SOT has just discussed is mistakes which often happened in using Facebook. Basically, this social network is an interactive (and addictive) social media, so it would make you possible to enlarge your social relations, also establish relationship with your old friends. In this case, Facebook actually add a more positive value in your life, as long as you have intention to pay attention to people who interact with you in the social network!


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