Four Things Which Are Not Supposed To Do in Twitter

Are you new in Twitter? Have you read tips from SOT about Twitter Tips for Beginner? Or probably if you want to exist in Twitter, you need to know about 7 Tips to Make You Exist More in Twitter.

Talking about twitter, don’t you know that just like ‘visiting’ a new territory, then you need to pay attention to ‘custom and mores’ in Twitter. If you want to hangout well and don’t want to be avoided by your followers, there are things which are not supposed to do in Twitter. What are those things?

Four Things Which Are Not Supposed To Do in Twitter

1. Praising yourself and be Selfish

Imagine if you got DM from person you follow like this:

“Thank you for following! Don’t forget to drop by at my site [URL site] if you cusiour about my cool photos!”

Ehm, being narcisstic for joking in certain rate is allowed and friendly. But if you praised yourself too much and overrate your popularity, it seems like we would love to Unfol such person!

Spamming is also a kind of selfish act. If you promote your product or your work the whole day, people will get bored and tend to click on Unfollow button.

So, think of other people’s response before you wrote an arrogant and selfish Tweet.

2. Not Build a Relationship with other people

How do you feel talking with someone with no response? You surely felt the person doesn’t care about you. Okay, probably you wrote good tweets so many people admire and follow you. But try to see what will happened if you seemed don’t care, never responds to those people. Slowly your followers will get bored and automatically unfollow you.

If you ask a question to your follower and it is not answered yet, so be patient. If you consider the question is important, then send DM to the person.

It would be good if you diligently answer question from other people, moreover questions which suits your skill. It will improve your image among Tweeps.

One other way to pay attention people who interacted with you is doing Re-Tweet. If you find some of their tweets which are interesting and need responses, don’t hesitate to Re-Tweet it. They will surely be thankful to you for your appreciation.

3. Auto Respond or using automatic answering application

Don’t ever use it, because using auto-responder will create impolite impression. Imagine if it’s happened to you. You’re mentioning someone, then received an automatic answer using auto-responder. Surely you’ll feel irrespected, won’t you?

Application like Tweetlater makes you possible to launch automatic tweet if someone followed you. But if you want to welcome your follower, then you won’t need this kind of application. Pay them attention, give a message directly from you to show respect and admiration.

4. Never gave any ‘value’ to your Follower

Although you tend to be a quiet person in Twitter, never hurt anyone, but if you want more followers and popularity, don’t let it happen. You should ‘take care’ of your follower by giving ‘additional value’. What I meant by ‘additional value’ is, surely brought benefits – enlightening Tweet, giving knowledge, or entertaining. It won’t be good to follow a static account. Surely your follower really want to get ‘something’ from you. It can be entertainment, knowledge, or meaningful conversation with you. It can be happened if you Tweet something beneficial. Share an interesting article, jokes that made you smile, or specific knowledge you had.

To become a good and popular Twitter user, then you need to avoid those four things which are not supposed to do. You can help your friends in Tweetland to raise your value for them. If you do this tips, SOT sure one day you’ll get ‘CelebTweet’ tag which attracted thousands people’s interest to follow you.


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