How Nokia Lumia 920’s Wireless Charging Works!

A few moments later, Nokia will release smartphone with Windows Phone 8 operating system. One of unique feature which would be planted in the smartphone is Wireless Charging. It means you can charge your battery without get through the cable. Wow… Cool, isn’t it! But, how can it be?

How Nokia Lumia 920’s Wireless Charging Works!

Wireless Charging is a charging method which flow electric energy through air. The core is, you can charge the battery without using any cable like conventional charger recently.

Although for us it seems easy and practical, but actually process behind it all so complicated in technical way. For you who curious how Wireless charging can work, here is the technical explanation from Nokia:

How Nokia Lumia 920’s Wireless Charging Works!

A transmitter coil put below (L1) and receiver coil (L2) is put on upper side. Both coils are placed in Nokia Wireless Charging Plate and L2 will be put in Nokia Lumia 920.

Transmitter coil will produce magnetic field which inducted electric voltage in receiver coil. This electric voltage is used to fill smartphone battery up.
Yes… That’s the way wireless charging works, just like explained by Nokia.

What a cool technology, isn’t it? This Wireless Charging? Many people considered Nokia Lumia 920 with their Windows Phone 8 will be the beginning point of Nokia revival in mobile world.

What do you think? Isn’t it a cool technology by Nokia?


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