How to Create Multiple Account In Gmail

Probably many of you haven’t found out that Gmail has facility which make us possible to create multiple account, which can be opened altogether from one dashboard only.

What are the advantages of having multiple accounts? As previously discussed by SOT about “How to Secure Your Online Identity in Internet”, it’s important for you to separate financial account with account you commonly used for forum member confirmation, website subscribe with RSS Feeds, and other needs. Gmail is the pioneer of email provider who has anticipated the things! By Gmail, you can open and do switch to two accounts or more by one dashboard only.

If you’re listed to more than one Gmail username, you can use multiple sign in feature to use two accounts at once. So you don’t have to login and logout which will make your work becomes more efficient.

Here is the step to create multiple account in Gmail:

  1. If you haven’t had other account, make one in Gmail.
    1. After you create some accounts as you need, click on add account on profile tab on upper right corner.

How to Create multiple account in Gmail

  1. You’ll just have to Sign-in with your other Gmail login name.
  1. inside, you’ll just have to close this Gmail tab. Repeat those steps above if you want more than two accounts opened.
  1. after all of your accounts have login status, back to your primary account. When you click on your profile tab, there would be other accounts displayed under your primary profile. To do switch, you’ll just have to click on profile you wanted. By all account with login status, when there’s an email arrived in other account, there will be a notification you can see in other account profile on the upper right side.

How to Create multiple account in Gmail

Use this Gmail multiple account facility to keep your online identity. Don’t let your sensitive and important data leaked just because you used the same account too often for various needs


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