How To Find Public and Private IP Address

IP address (or Internet Protocol address) identified each computer networks and devices in a network. When computers, communicated each other in the internet or local network (LAN), those computers send information to each IP Address.

Your computer has public and private IP Address. You will need IP address when you become hosting server – client computer will need your computer’s IP Address to connect it.

Probably some of you curious about how to find out your IP Address? SOT will discuss it here:


Public and Private IP Address

IP address consisted of public and private. “Public” means the IP Address can be reached from Internet, while “private” means only for Local network (LAN) or computer connection with smartphone, game console, and other devices by utilizing router. Router in your modem has function as traffic connector media to your local IP Address.

If your computer is connected to the internet without router, your private IP Address used to be public IP Address.


Finding your Private IP Address

In order to find your computer’s IP Address, open Control Panel and select View network status and tasks or in Windows XP, you can select Network Connections.

find ip

Click on your internet connection to show the site.

find ip

Right click and click on status to show internet status.

find ip

You’ll find IP Address registered in Network Connection window – in support tab.

The fastest way to find your IP address is by run ipconfig command in Command Prompt. Your IP Address will be displayed under your connection’s name.


Finding Public IP Address

The easiest way to find public IP address is by asking to website, because website see your public IP Address and could say it to you. For example, you can search it by typing what is my ip or what is my ip address in Google.

Google will display your public IP address.

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You can also access your router administrator page to get this information. This page will presented your public IP Address and other information about your internet connection.

Doesn’t similar as street name, IP Address sometimes changing regularly. Sometimes your internet provider gives new IP Address, just like your router probably give you a new IP address.

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